La dama velata begins with Miriam Leone and Lino Guanciale: previews of the first two episodes tonight…    Style    Men’s Fashion by

La dama velata begins with Miriam Leone and Lino Guanciale: previews of the first two episodes tonight… Style Men’s Fashion by

Linen cushions Meanwhile (L’Allieva, La porta rossa, Don’t tell my boss, God help us) has just finished filming Il Commissario Ricciardi in Taranto. “He made me discover an incredible city,” he recently wrote the actor from Abruzzo on Instagram -, beautiful, full of young and positive energies. A city that does not surrender to the difficulties it faces and that has enormous potential to overcome them ».

In the cast, along with Miriam Leone and Lino Guanciale, other actors well loved by audiences in Italian fiction and beyond. Giuseppe Buscemi (Teresa from Il Paradiso delle Signore) is the missing wife of the Count (played by Luciano Virgilio). There is also Germano Bellavia (Guido from Un Posto al Sole) in the role of Berto, a stupid man. Among the interpreters there are also Andrea Boska (Cornelio Grandi, Clara’s cousin), Lucrezia Lante della Rovere (the very evil Aunt Adelaide), Francesco Salvi (Giovanni Staineri) and many others.

Úrsula Corberó, Tokyo from La Casa di Carta, plays Anita Staineri, Clara’s farmer friend. In the photo below we see her in a scene from fiction with Miriam Leone.

The Veiled Lady Miriam Leone Ursula Corbero

Miriam Leone with Úrsula Corberó (Tokyo from La casa di carta) in a scene from La dama velata. Photo: Rai

The plot of La dama velata

A veiled lady dressed in black gazes at her grave from afar, which bears the name of Clara Fossà. A man is crying in despair in front of the tombstone. It’s her husband, Guido. Guido is a man Clara loved passionately, but realized she knew nothing. Was it he who tried to kill her? And why?

Second half of the nineteenth century. Clara is an aristocratic child who was rejected by her father and raised by farmers. As a rebellious teenager, her father forces her into an arranged marriage with Count Guido Fossà. Love unexpectedly develops between Clara and her husbandas deep as fragile. The Countess tries to defend him from the intrigues of his cousin and aunt. In fact, the two are determined to destroy the marriage and usurp their inheritance.

The Veiled Lady

A photo from the set of La dama velata. Photo: Rai

But Guido also hides secrets that could destroy the couple. bit by bit Clara gets caught in a spiral of doubts and insecurities. He no longer knows who to trust, she can’t even count on the man she loves. Up to the Countess disappears in the waters of the Adigesuddenly.

His body is not found. She didn’t commit suicide like everyone thinks. Someone tried to kill her. Disguised, Clara returns to her bosom family. With the face covered by a black veiltry to Find out the truth. In order to be successful, he must win back Guido’s love. And it needs to be exposed a dark secret that goes back to the day of birth.

The Veiled Lady on TV tonight: Previews of the first two episodes rerun on Rai 1

Sunday, July 31st, the replicas of first two episodes from The Veiled Lady. In the first episode The broken rootswe know Klarathe protagonist, played by Miriam Leone. Daughter of Count Vittorio Grandi, Clara grows up in the country by the farmers of the San Leonardo estate.

The father did not accept having a daughter, sent her away and also blamed her for the death of his wife. But one day the count he decides to bring it back to Trento. He wishes for a nephew and an heir from Clara. So he promises her marriage to a man that Clara has to accept, whether she likes it or not. The young woman, Torn from her country and loved ones, she finds herself trapped in a nightmare. In this house his aunt Adelaide and his cousin Cornelio they plot against them.

Linen cushion La Dama Velata 1

Lino Guanciale in La dama velata, repeat on Rai 1 from Sunday July 31st. Photo: Rai

The second episode is titled In the father’s house. Clara decides to flee with childhood partner Matthew (Jaime Olias). On the night set for the escape, however, a tragic unforeseen event prevents Matteo from showing up for the appointment. It will be his own to return a smile to Clara Count Guido Fossainterpreted by linen Bake. The count is Clara’s fiancée: a hot-headed libertine at whose feet all the women of Trento fall. Clara agrees to submit to her father’s will to save the San Leonardo estate from sale. Unless you discover that later The man she must marry is hiding uncomfortable secretsrisk resurfacing from the past and ruining everything.

The Veiled Lady: How many episodes are there?

The veiled lady enters in replica six evenings with two episodes each (Duration approx. 100 minutes). A Rai Fiction – Luxvide – Telecinico Cinema co-production will be broadcast in collaboration with the Trentino Film Commission from Sunday 31 July in prime time on Rai 1.

From a topic by Lucy timeWith Francis Arlanch to the script, executive producer Daniele Happenthe music is by Emanuele Bossi and Pasquale Laino Under observation of Paul Good wine. Everyone follows by La Dama Velata I am also available on RaiPlay.