Kyiv needs a peace summit in July But it must

Kyiv needs a peace summit in July: “But it must be based on our plan”

Ukraine live broadcast Zelenskyys announcement The day of the Russian

Kyiv opens at a peace summit “As soon as possible, maybe a July“, While Fly welcomes the initiative of Pope Francis. While the clash between Russian and Ukrainian armies on the ground continues, and bombings continued throughout the night and Friday morning, there are faint signs of it Relaxation This could form the basis for peace talks. However, conversations that cannot begin without one armistice.

It cannot be ruled out that this was a strategy to buy time, as the armies of both sides have been extremely tested by more than a year of uninterrupted war military stocks who are beginning to suffer, but the words spoken throughout the day bode well for observers and all those involved in the pursuit of peace. The first to speak up was Russia through its Foreign Ministry, which “rated positively” the Pope’s initiative for a peacekeeping mission in Ukraine. Words as opposed to the much harsher words used for just a few minutes by the Vice President of the Russian Security Council: Dmitry Medvedevwhich, however, has meanwhile become accustomed to statements that raise this issue voltage Between the parties: The former president said the conflict in Ukraine could go on for “decades” if “the gist of it”. neo-nazi government” from Kiev is not eliminated. “This conflict may last for decades. “It’s a new reality, new living conditions,” he said, adding that if the incumbent Ukrainian government stays in power, “there will be three years of truce, another two years of conflict and then it will all start all over again.”

Rather, the most relevant statements come from the head of the Ukrainian Presidential Office, Andriy Yermak, in an interview with the Russian news agency Interfax. Yermak said a peace summit “it is necessary” and Ukraine would like it to take place “as soon as possible, ideally July”. However, he specified that he would follow the line drawn by the President Zelenskyy The basis for this summit should be laid at the last diplomatic meetings with European and Chinese leaders 10-point plan presented by Kiev. And that is the obstacle for diplomacy to overcome.

“Today a peace summit is needed,” declared Yermak. “Everyone understands this fact.” Moreover, the argument that the Ukrainian peace plan should be the basis for it is seen by everyone as perfectly logical and just. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s 10 points. Now Ukraine’s position is clear, our plan is the basis, but we are ready to listen all those countries that respect our sovereignty e territorial integrity. We are prepared to accept some elements of other proposals.” Yermak also gives information on the modalities and timing: “There are currently questions as to where and when the peace summit should take place. Of course we want it to happen as soon as possible. July would be ideal. The consultations are ongoing. It is very important that this is a summit that I definitely want to attend Leaders of the Global South. And I feel that we are very close to the success of these consultations. We expect a large number of participants at the summit.”

The Foreign Minister also welcomed statements by the parties Antonio Tajaniwho affirmed: “All peace initiatives are supported as long as there is no peace.” defeat of Ukraine“. The reactions have not yet arrived China And UNITED STATES, the other two key interlocutors in conflict, albeit off Washingtonafter the military operations that led to the incursion of men with ties to Kiev into the Russian region Belgorodanother warning was given to Ukraine that such actions would not be supported by American allies: “Once again we have made it very clear to the Ukrainians what we expect from an attack on Russia.” We don’t want to encourage or allow it and we definitely do not want US-made equipment to be used in attacks on Russian soil,” he said John Kirby in an interview – And we received assurances from the Ukrainians that they will live up to these expectations. We made it very clear that we want Ukraine to be able to defend its soil and territory. You have been attacked. You have been mugged. You have the right to defend yourself. But we also made it clear that we do not want this war to escalate any further, the devastation and violence that has already been inflicted on the Ukrainian people.”