Kleber Bambam explodes with Arthur Aguiar and shoots: “He’s a fool”

Kleber Bambam explodes with Arthur Aguiar and shoots: “He’s a fool”

Glue Bambamthe big winner of the BBB1detonated the champion of BBB22, Arthur Aguiarduring an interview with the podcast of Max Portowho also won the global reality show.

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“It’s a fool”

no popes in the tongue, bam bam broke off the ex’s behavior Maira Cardi. “To me he’s a chump, a dog face. To me he’s dead, he’s buried because he has no morals. He was with me in the dressing room in (‘program’ of) ‘Faustão’ and he doesn’t say anything to anyone. It’s floating in the middle of the water, they don’t even talk about it anymore…” he began.


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“The guy doesn’t respect hierarchy, he doesn’t respect anything. It’s silly and that’s it. If anyone wants to tell him that, he can. That’s my opinion,” he concluded.

Humble, the champion of BBB1 recently claimed he is better known as Juliaphenomenon of BBB21. “At the age of 20, I am and consider myself a myth. (I say that) not out of arrogance, but out of history. I have a legacy,” the former BBB said. “They even talked to me about Juliette. Guys, is Juliette a myth? I haven’t heard from her this year,” the exbrother detonated.

Glue Bambam marked the first edition of BBBcame back in BBB10 and asked to leave the program. The dancer is currently mostly drawing attention to the healed physique and controversial phrases in the media.

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