Kingsbury on reported break with Cardinals owner: ‘WWE element’ to rumors

Arizona Cardinals head coach Cliff Kingsbury is considered a big fan of wrestling.

Growing up with his older brother, WWE’s main event on Saturday night was a weekly event at the Kingsbury home.

Scroll forward to his coaching days in the NFL and Kingsbury seems to see some comparisons between wrestling and league in terms of entertainment. Especially recently, given how the Cardinals ended the season, as well as the ongoing off-season saga between the team and quarterback Kyler Murray to extend his contract.

“It was a difficult end, no doubt, but many of these things, if you read, have an element of WWE,” Kingsbury told the Pat McAfee Show on Thursday. “There is some drama, there are some things we will read that are absolutely untrue. We were upset, but we fixed it, everything is fine, excited for next year. “

Of the reports that came after the team’s collapse in the second half, which ended with a grim performance in the loss of the team in the NFC Wild Card round of the Los Angeles Rams, the alleged “tense meeting“Between Kingsbury, general manager Steve Keem and owner Michael Bidwell, a case was mentioned while with McAfee.

Kingsbury is a permanently included news filter.

“I’ve largely released most of it,” Kingsbury said. “If you turn to him, sometimes you give him wings and you almost seem to deny or worry about it. We haven’t had too many things that got out of hand.

“When you see things like after the season that you’re about to be fired, you’ve had a big scandal with the owner and it’s completely fake, you’re like, ‘I don’t know where they got this from,'” Kingsbury said.

Encounter or not, it is clear that Bidwell entrusts the Kingsbury team to move forward, rewarding the head coach – and Came – with an extension of his contract on Wednesday, which lasts until 2027 after three consecutive seasons of improvement in the win-loss column.