1664711235 King Charles Rotation quotCrucial actionquotChaos in the palazzo

King Charles, Rotation: "Crucial action"Chaos in the palazzo

King Charles Rotation quotCrucial actionquotChaos in the palazzo

there Queen of Denmark could inguaiare King Charles. The sovereign has actually chosen to revoke some children’s titles of nobility to allow them a simpler life without court labels. His decision has caused controversy within the Danish royal family. But the sovereign went straight ahead. And in this context, according to the experts of the English royal family, this election could become a kind of pressure on Charles to do the same with “decisive measures” for the fate of the prince. Harry, Meghan Markle and their children.

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In Denmark, the exclusion affects the four children of the second son, Prince Joachim, namely Nikolai, Felix, Henrik and Athena. The real goal of this move would be to rationalize the monarchy by following the example of other royal families in Europe. A way to keep public opinion in check, which is increasingly questioning the pomp of royals, particularly those far from the line of succession.

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And so Web already attacks Carlo: “Why does Harry still have the title of His Royal Highness? Carlo says he wants to slim down the monarchy, but that has to be regal, not just superficial. He needs to lower the cost to taxpayers. That must be him alone. , Camilla, William and Kate and their children. Let the others retire or earn a living.” In short, Carlo is facing a really difficult time.