King Charles III is a spirited and demanding boss officials

King Charles III is a “spirited and demanding” boss, officials say

“He’s never satisfied with himself, with what he’s already achieved. The people around him have had to work hard to keep up.”

This is a speech by a former servant of King Charles III. In a new book about the daytoday life of the royal family, expert Valentine Low reveals what life is like for those who work for the monarch described as a “spirited and demanding” boss.

To write the work, Low spoke to former and current officials of the British Monarchy. Everyone says that working for Charles is not easy.

“He’s demanding in the sense that he’s always working. Seven days a week. He never stops,” says another source.

In his first public appearances after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Charles drew attention to himself with a certain impatience usually directed at pens that had negative repercussions and aroused much speculation.

The King’s uneasiness was also an issue among staff, who feel the jitters of the moment may have made him even more anxious and irritable.

“He rarely directed [a raiva] to a specific person,” says a former employee.

“Usually it was for something and he would lose his temper, throw an object against the wall, get upset and then calm down. Certain things, especially the media, frustrated him.”