King Charles and Camilla have a new favorite (and it’s not Kate)

King Charles and Camilla have a new favorite (and it’s not Kate)

In these months the English royal family was overwhelmed by a series of events that have undermine its stabilityand King Charles and Camilla I’m looking for trustworthy people rely on. And it seems they have chosen their favourite, as revealed by a post on their Instagram profile, a woman who was also dearly loved by Queen Elizabeth, and this isn’t about Kate Middleton.

Birthday of Sophie of Wessex: Wishes from King Charles

Born Sophie Rhys-Jones, now Countess of WessexPrince Edward’s wife has just turned fifty eight years, and doesn’t display them at all. And it’s not just about the aesthetic factor, which can already leave us speechless, but about its spirit, always willing to do anything in the name of the crownnot out of subservience, but out of respect and, above all, passion for what he does.

there favorite daughter-in-law Queen Elizabeth, his friend and confidante, has for some years entered into most of the official duties related to education, child and youth education, visits to schools and reception centres.

Sophie von Wessex spends her life with the little onesand on a visit to Connaught School and the new Heatherwood Children’s Hospital, It was celebrated with flowers and a cakea day before his birthday.

King Charles e Camilla have selected the photos of this important occasion and at the same time emphasized that his tireless commitment to the crown: “We wish Countess Sophie a happy birthday”, they began in the stories of their official Instagram profile and took up their praise in a long post.

Sophie the new darling of Carlo and Camilla

In the “Happy Birthday” post published by King Charles and Camilla, in addition to the simple greetings, Sophie von Wessex’s commitment is praised split between various official engagements just hours before her special day. An exception for the sovereign, who usually limits himself to a greeting and a stock photo of the birthday boy via his social channels.

This time, however, the carousel of selected images is a real thank you for Sophie’s tireless work, which without fanfare, She became one of the most prominent members of the royal family. Can we say? Even more so than Kate Middleton who eventually becomes queen and has a series of commitments that force her to follow her tight schedule.

According to palace rumours Sophie is Carlo and Camilla’s true loveas always with Queen Elizabeth. That would put you in a bad moodbetween Andrea and his daughters, who are increasingly marginalized, and Prince William, who never looks kindly on who could steal the show from him and his wife.

If this were a soap it would no doubt be really fascinating, but believing that this is real life makes us think a lot about how Harry, Meghan, Sarah and Diana themselves have told us a story that always unfolds before our eyes repeated eyes again, and which most people don’t believe in.