Kimberly Loaiza: Video captures mistreatment by her husband?

Kimberly Loaiza: Video captures mistreatment by her husband?

Kimberly Loaiza: Video captures mistreatment by her husband?  (instagram)

Kimberly Loaiza: Video captures mistreatment by her husband? | instagram

The controversial relationship between Kimberly Loaiza and John of God Pantoia Once again they are entering a controversy that apart from her fans fears that the older cutie might be mistreated by her husband as a video uploaded to a Tik Tok account called @tzwjukian would be a story for Instagram.

In this clip you can see how the beautiful influencer is resting, sitting in a car, the tiredness from the trips she has made overwhelms her and she fell asleep, after which her husband thought it would be funny to kiss her forehead knocking to wake her up, Kim’s reaction was to make a face to accuse him:

“How Abusive Are You”

burst out laughing John of God Pantoia to hug the face Kimberly Loaiza as to comfort her, well, this “little joke” would not please the social media community, which claims that the case of Carlos Feria (a tik-toker accused of abusing his wife) is not very far from it is from JD.

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Well, this controversial tik-toker makes strong “jokes” to both his wife and young daughter, and later it would be revealed that he is a violent person, so the comparisons were immediate, some other netizens trust that the relationship by Kim and Juan is toxic and good for neither of them due to the singer and youtuber’s impulsive behavior.

On the other hand, members of Jukilop’s “Red Bone” fan club quickly took to a tweet from a user of the platform to defend their idols’ relationship, writing comments like:

“He didn’t hit her hard, those are jokes people usually make, ah, but if they do it to either of you they’ll say it’s just a game.”

“Very thoughtful, but do you know that Kimberly later did the same? It’s not like I’m hitting her hard, did you give a sape or not? And I’m not normalized, you’re very observant.”

Albeit multiple times Kimberly Loaiza has come out publicly to share his experiences with him John of God Pantoiawho reveals that they have their bad moments, but assures with the utmost certainty that she has never been a victim of abuse at his hands, many social network users do not fully believe her words, believing that she is very much manipulated, according to them.

Now the Internet is going crazy and giving sharp opinions about her, while the artists are very calm and happy, uploading stories showing how well they spend a well-deserved family vacation in the company of their small children, it seems that they are already used to her Criticizing acting so much that they stop paying as much attention to him.

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