Kim Kardashian buys the cross worn by Lady Diana at auction    Lookdavip

Kim Kardashian buys the cross worn by Lady Diana at auction Lookdavip

Kim Kardashian buys Lady Diana's Atallah cross at auction

As we know, there has never been (and probably never will be) any form of monarchy in the United States. A nation without kings and queens, but boasting a family often referred to as “royal” for their power and visibility. Who are we talking about? From the Kardashians, of course. Trash, exhibitionists, over the top: members of this clan are not ashamed to flaunt their wealth earned through reality TV and self-celebrating brands. Progenitor of this pseudo-royal family, which bases its success on the excessive use of social media, is mother Kris Jennerbut the most famous of all housewives is Kim Kardashian. The entrepreneur certainly doesn’t have blue blood running through her veins, but now she has at least one gem to show for it Lady Diana.

The jewel that Lady D

In December, the news of the auction of the Atallah cross suddenly went around the world. The reason? On October 27, 1987, the jewel appeared around the neck of Lady Dianaat a charity gala in London. The outfit chosen by the then Princess of Wales quickly went down in costume history. Lady D appeared at the event wearing a majestic, Elizabethan-inspired black and burgundy gown, complete with a ruff, custom-made by Catherine Walker. The voluminous treasure stood out against the dark fabric, hanging from a long string of pearls, long to the navel. A little bit sacral, a little bit profane, a little bit Madonna and without a doubt very 80s.

A king’s cross

Kim Kardashian buys Lady Diana's Atallah cross at auctionThe Atallah Cross

From that moment nothing more was known about the jewel until a few days ago Sotheby’s announced the announcement of the upcoming sale. But how is this treasure made? The Atallah Cross was owned by Naim AttallahBusinessman of Palestinian origin and former CEO of the luxury jewelry brand Asprey & Garard. Created by court jewelers in the 1920s Garard, had been purchased by Attollah in the 1980s. Crafted from gold and silver, amethysts (ten of the same size plus one larger in the middle) and diamonds, its color and size certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. Lady Diana, who was a close friend of Naim, has borrowed the article on several occasions and seems to have liked it very much. Technically, however, it was never owned by the Princess of Wales, nor was it part of the British Crown collection.

Kim at an auction

Kim Kardashian buys Lady Diana's Atallah cross at auctionpassion crosses

Now we come to the role of Kim Kardashian in this story. The Atallah Cross was auctioned on January 18th and who bought it? According to insiders, it was Kim who snapped up the accessory so lovingly Lady Diana, priced at £163,800 (approx. €190,000). A big lover of jewelry, Kardashian seems to have a thing for crosses lately. Since then, she has approached the Maison as muse and creative director Dolce & Gabbana, the socialite wore one religious pendant next to the other. The identity of the buyer of the famous treasure has not been revealed since then Sotheby’s but the message is taken for granted. If so, we’re sure Kim won’t miss an opportunity to let us know. After all, she’s the queen… of social networks.

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