Killed Rahul Gandhi His Response to His Changing Image

‘Killed Rahul Gandhi’: His Response to His ‘Changing Image’

Rahul Gandhi caused brief confusion at a press conference in Haryana when he was asked a question about his “changing image” amid the Bharat Jodo Yatra. The party’s mass contact program is currently in the BJP-ruled state, having covered Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and several other states. During this walk, he was seen navigating the streets with several well-known figures, trying to connect people across cultures and regions.

When asked if he considered his “changing image” a “great achievement”, Rahul Gandhi gave an unexpected answer.

“Rahul Gandhi is on your mind. I killed him a long time ago. The person you are looking at is not Rahul Gandhi. You might be able to see him,” he said at a briefing. “Educate yourself a little about the Hindu religion.”

“Read about Lord Shiva…don’t be surprised. Rahul Gandhi is on the mind of BJP…not on my mind. Why do you look so amazed?” he asks as people burst out laughing around him. “I’m not worried about the picture anymore. I’m not interested anymore. That’s for others to decide. I have to get on with my work.”

In the past, Rahul Gandhi was often targeted and his remarks played out by BJP leaders to mock him. Many leaders of the rival party even called him “Pappu”. However, the attacks continue.

When he started the Pan-Indian March in September, Rahul Gandhi had said that the journey would “change him enormously”. The actor-politician Kamal Haasan also recently pointed out that his great-grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru also carried out marches in the fight for freedom.


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