Killed and wounded in new Russian attacks in Ukraine

Killed and wounded in new Russian attacks in Ukraine

The Russian army is said to have bombed a residential area near a nuclear power plant in Mykolaiv. Civilians were also attacked in the Donetsk region.

According to information from Kyiv, Russia also fired on civilians and non-military infrastructure in further rocket and artillery attacks in Ukraine. In the Donetsk region, seven civilians were killed and another 13 were wounded within 24 hours, the Kyiv staff said on Saturday. “The area has no gas, partly no water and no electricity. The evacuation of the population continues.”

In many places, Russian attacks were successfully repelled, he said. The Ukrainian air force also attacked enemy positions. The information could not initially be verified by an independent party.

In the town of Oleksandrivka, nine people were injured in a five-story house by Russian bombing on Saturday, including children, said Mykolaiv’s governor of southern Ukraine Vitaly Kim. The General Staff also reported that the Mykolaiv region had been heavily bombed with rockets. The situation also remained difficult in the Kherson region of southern Ukraine, which is almost entirely controlled by Russian troops.

Russia confirms continuation of attacks

In its situation report, Russia confirmed that attacks against Ukraine would continue. In the Kharkiv region, more than 100 fighters were “destroyed” in attacks on Ukrainian nationalist units, said ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov in Moscow. Up to 20 US citizens were also killed. This information could not be verified by an independent party. Kyiv had founded an international legion for foreign soldiers.

Overall, Konashenkov spoke of more than 800 Ukrainian militants killed in 24 hours in various regions, including the Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk oblasts. Thus, bases, military technology, fuel depots and ammunition were again destroyed. Moscow also said Russian soldiers deployed to the Zaporizhia region in late July were taken to a hospital with symptoms of poisoning. So they say they were poisoned with a chemical substance.

Meanwhile, in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, people on boulevard Khreshchatyk in the center on Saturday were able to see captured Russian tanks and military technology, as well as other war trophies, as the internet portal Ukrajinska Pravda showed.