Killed after Islamist attack on hotel in Somalia

Killed after Islamist attack on hotel in Somalia

After an armed attack by Islamic extremists on a popular hotel in the Somali capital Mogadishu, the death toll has risen to at least eleven. Dozens of people were injured, Somali security authorities announced today.

As a result, the attack that started last night did not end in the morning. “Our security forces managed to neutralize two attackers. However, we took on four to five fighters,” police officer Abdullahi Modobe told dpa. The large-scale attack began with suicide bombings, in which extremists blew themselves up in two vehicles.

Exchange of fire with security forces

Fighters of the Islamic terrorist group al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the attack on the “Hayat” hotel. The extremists said they had killed at least 20 people.

There were also violent exchanges of fire with security forces outside the hotel during the night. Thick clouds of smoke rose from the hotel building. It is the first large-scale act of terrorism since Somalia’s newly elected president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, took office in May.

airport attack

The terrorists also announced that they were responsible for a mortar attack on Mogadishu International Airport on Monday night. Somali security authorities confirmed that a mother and her four children were killed in the attack.

The Horn of Africa country, with about 16 million inhabitants, has been shaken for years by attacks by the terrorist group. Al-Shabab controls much of the southern and central regions. The terrorist group repeatedly carries out attacks against security forces, politicians and civilians.