Key and Gustavo won’t be able to take the pressure at BBB 23, says Franklin David Splash

Couple Key Alves and Gustavo may have the days of “rule” on BBB 23 (Globo), according to Franklin David. The presenter of splash show estimated that the brothers won’t stand it if the game heats up any more.

“They’ve been really lucky the last two weeks because they’ve been able to hide the theater with that lead [do Gustavo]otherwise the castle would have already begun to fall,” said David.

It is a matter of time. Gustavo barely managed to justify his vote for Guimê. If he and Key come under pressure, they won’t handle it.

Former BBB 16 Ana Paula Renault believes Key’s nomination of Paula in place of Larissa for Paredão his biggest opponent in the house is one of the proofs that the athlete can’t stand the pressure of the game for long.

On the other hand, Ana Paula felt that editing the program “passes on material for the couple” which benefits them.

Key Alves plays with the possibility of Globo not unmasking it. I thought today’s issue would feature these two faces of the couple. I know they have support and are strong, but their game is risky and dubious. You are not 100% honest.

BBB 23: Who else played Real in the Open Voting?

The atmosphere of rivalry became even clearer during the open vote in the formation of the BBB 23’s fourth paredão. splash show pointed out which brothers stood out the most in the dynamic. This marked the first time in the edition that contestants had to justify their voices outside of the confessional.

Cristian, who had clashed with Fred Nicácio in the past few days, did not shy away from criticism when it came to choosing a doctor. This is what exBBB 16 Ana Paula Renault excels at.

When asked, Cristian took over the BO and voted for Nicácio to dismantle the Quarto Fundo do Mar.

Ana Paula added that Sarah Aline also played for real money. The psychologist called the brother Fake when she justified her vote for him.

I liked the position of Sarah Aline, who said she didn’t like Cristian’s style, as well as Domitila, who didn’t shy away from responsibility.

Nicácio received 11 votes and was the most voted by the House, but eluded Paredão by winning the backandforth race.

Franklin David, moderator of the channel syringesShe said the brothers used the open vote to say everything they thought about the doctor.

Everyone washed their souls with this open vote, mainly in relation to Nicácio. I was surprised by Aline Wirley and all the other people who voted for him.

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