Kenny Omega returns as Young Bucks partner for AEW Trios Tournament

Kenny Omega returns as Young Bucks partner for AEW Trios Tournament

Tony Khan was reportedly holding off on introducing the AEW Trios Championship until Kenny Omega became available. With positive reports on his health after a nine-month absence due to various injuries, when a tournament to crown the first champions was announced, it was assumed Omega would be back for it. Suspicion was further fueled when Hangman Page turned down The Young Bucks’ offer to work together and we were told Matt & Nick Jackson would have a mysterious partner.

All signs pointed to this mystery partner being Omega, and indeed, Kenny was back in the Dynamite main event on August 17th!

The Cleaner was back with his usual squad of Don Callis and Michael Nakazawa, wrestling in a compression shirt with a shoulder brace. He looked a little rusty in his first action against the Andrade El Ídolo, Rush & Dragon Lee team, but that kept a “You Still Got It” chant from a crowd from Charleston, West Virginia, who were very excited for him to see, not on .

When the first round game went to a picture-in-picture commercial, Omega was isolated from Andrade and received a caning. But he rallied for a big triple vertical suplex spot…

Omega’s injuries were a big topic in the game. He was struggling to stay on his feet for his Terminator dive as Callis commented that his knee was “bone on bone.” He also took a big leap from Lee that sent them both into the crowd.

But the longest reigning world champion in AEW history gutted it and won the match with One Winged Angel against Lee.

So, the elite trio advance to take on the winner of the Death Triangle vs. Will Ospreay & Aussie Open match next Wednesday. As for the losing side? Well, they were the second family betrayal in this Game of Thrones episode, but the only one with a dragon:

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