Kelly Key Apologizes for Slimming Lipstick Ad: ‘Who’s Never Wrong?’

Kelly Key Apologizes for Slimming Lipstick Ad: ‘Who’s Never Wrong?’

Kelly Key’s name went viral on Twitter this weekend after an old video of the singer returned to social media. In the record, she promoted a lipstick that promises to “help with weight loss, reducing action and suppressing appetite.” Following the backlash, she recorded a video on Instagram Stories to apologize.

In the video, which the singer says was taken three years ago, she says she received the Lip4Slim product 15 days ago and has since lost “a few pounds.” Netizens who relived the video indicated that Kelly Key’s speech would add to the aesthetic pressures women experience.

“You know I only report what I prove with results, right? So, I’m going to talk about my experience with it. I received my Lip4Slim 15 days ago. Since then I’ve been using it in moderation and have lost a few pounds. ! It improves metabolism and helps suppress appetite. Then you ask me like this: ‘Hey, Kelly, does one lipstick do all that?’ Yes / Yes. A lipstick that has been tested and approved by the best research laboratories in the country,” the singer said in the video recorded three years ago.

Kelly Key, who sells me slimming lipstick, is one of the diet industry stunts that made me laugh the most
Yes / Yes
even she doesn’t believe it

Sam Luz TAROT GAME (@samguaja) July 30, 2022

After the video resonated on social media, Kelly spoke up and said it was wrong to post it.

“Whoever has never made a mistake, cast the first stone? Until we find a method that works, only those struggling with the scales know how much we try and experiment, and we’d love a miracle.”

She explained afterwards that she never did any direct mail, instead contacting the brand so the artist could test the product and record a testimonial for an internal video that went viral. “Turns and moves people again like it’s new,” he emphasized.

“And you know you’re walking me here, you know I don’t believe in miracles. There isn’t, I fight every day, I have hormonal issues and I talk to you all the time. But like everyone, I’m flawed,” he added.

Kelly, who currently shares fitness life tips on Instagram, also said she was duped by the brand and apologized again.

“Something like this can happen and it became future legal issues due to internal issues, from publications they said they had but they didn’t. I was also deceived and brought to justice… I became much more selective, observant and cautious after this episode. And I owe you this apology,” he concluded.

The singer did not give any details about the process cited in the stories. syringes Contacted the artist but haven’t received a response yet for more information. In the case of a return, the text is updated.