Kayky Brito is sedated and on mechanical ventilation hospital says

Kayky Brito is sedated and on mechanical ventilation, hospital says Splash

The artist was run over at gas station 6 in Barra da Tijuca. At that time he was accompanied by friends. Brito left the scene to go to his car and was hit by the vehicle on his way back images from surveillance cameras showed the moment of the accident.

Squirt noted that the driver, identified as Diones da Silva, claimed the actor appeared “suddenly running” in the middle of the road. He tried to avoid the collision, but was unable to avoid the collision. The drunk test showed that the driver was not drunk.

The actor’s sister cried as she left the hospital

The actor’s sister, Stephany Brito, left the Miguel Couto Hospital accompanied by her father, Joseph Brito. Visibly shaken, Stephany cried and told journalists who were there that she didn’t have much to say at the moment, but thanked them for their prayers.

“I can’t say anything at the moment. I wanted to thank you for your prayers. He is a giant. He will be the one to speak to you here shortly,” he explained.

Actor Alexandre Slaviero was also in the hospital. Slaviero was very dejected and said that out of respect for his family he couldn’t say anything, only that the moment was “positive”.