Kayky Britos wife posts about actors health Surgery went well

Kayky Brito collaborates in the rehabilitation process and presents “good clinical development, says the new bulletin G1

Kayky Brito What was the accident like with the actor?

In a new medical bulletin published this Wednesday (27), it is noted that the actor Kayky Brito remains hospitalized at the Copa D’Or Hospital and is “cooperating and presenting in the rehabilitation process”. good clinical development“.

The car that hit actor Kayky Brito was driving below the speed limit

The actor was hospitalized on September 2, the day of the accident. Kayky crossed Avenida Lúcio Costa in front of the pedestrian crossing in the early hours of the morning and ran.

He received his first medical treatment at the Miguel Couto Hospital but was transferred to the private hospital the same day.

The actor suffered head trauma and multiple fractures throughout his body from the impact of being run over and was in very serious condition (find out more here).

According to orthopedist Alberto Gotfryd of the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, polytrauma indicates a serious injury to at least two organs or two different parts of the body. Despite the severity of the accident, the actor’s spine was preserved.

Cases of polytrauma can include brain injuries, broken bones, spinal injuries, bleeding, among others.

Head trauma is an injury caused by an impact to the head. In severe cases, bleeding, loss of consciousness, difficulty speaking, nausea and vomiting occur.

1 of 1 Kayky Brito — Photo: Reproduction/Social Media Kayky Brito — Photo: Reproduction/Social Media

App driver Diones Coelho da Silva ran over the actor while driving another passenger in the Barra da Tijuca area at number 4,700.

The driver stopped to render aid and firefighters were called around 1 a.m. The actor was rescued and taken to Miguel Couto.

The driver was then taken to the 16th DP (Barra da Tijuca) and the Instituto MédicoLegal (IML) in central Rio, where he underwent a blood alcohol test.

The actor cannot be seen in the video, it only shows the reaction of Diones and passenger Maria Estela Lima. See the image below.

Kayky Brito: Video from inside the car shows the driver’s reactions after being run over