Katy Perry fans call out singer for Roe v Wade

Katy Perry fans call out singer for Roe v Wade tweet: ‘You supported an anti-abortion billionaire’

Katy Perry has been accused of recently supporting “anti-abortion activist” Rick Caruso after tweeting about the Roe v Wade ruling on Independence Day.

Last month, the super-conservative Majority Court ruled in favor of a Mississippi law criminalizing 15-week abortions while overturning important precedents set by the 1973 Roe v Wade decision.

Since then, the controversial ruling stripping American women of their constitutional right to safe abortions has been widely denounced in the United States and around the world.

On Monday (July 4), Perry responded to the verdict with a Twitter post that read, “‘Baby you’re fireworks’ is a 10 but women in the US have fewer rights than a real sparkler.”

The singer referenced her 2010 song “Firework” in the critical tweet.

However, some fans have called out Perry over an earlier tweet expressing support for billionaire Caruso, who is running for mayor of Los Angeles.

Perry’s June 4 tweet read: “Rick Caruso FTW”


In response to Perry, one person tweeted, “Did you want this to be scheduled exactly a month after that tweet supporting an anti-abortion candidate?”

“Maybe you should have done a little more research before endorsement of billionaire Rick Caruso, a well-known anti-abortion advocate, for mayor of LA,” commented another user.

“Hypocrites,” wrote one person.

The Independent has reached out to Perry’s rep for comment.

Real estate developer Caruso will go head-to-head with Democratic Congresswoman Karen Bass for mayor of Los Angeles in November this year’s runoff.


On May 4, Caruso tweeted that he would “vigorously protect a woman’s right to vote” if elected mayor of Los Angeles.

Soon after, the reproductive health nonprofit Planned Parenthood noted that it was “deeply disturbing” to hear Caruso’s “longstanding support of individuals and organizations who violate the election,” in a letter to the mayoral hopeful (obtained by TMZ) in the seen in May this year.

“Throughout your career, you have publicly supported organizations and policymakers who have taken aggressive action to restrict access to abortion, overthrow Roe v Wade, and undermine Planned Parenthood,” the letter reads.

“They have donated nearly $1 million to policymakers who passed legislation criminalizing abortion,” it continued, calling on Caruso to clarify his stance on abortion rights and “a public apology for the myriad actions.” to hand over the actions you have taken to harm women’s health and endanger well-being’.