Kate Middleton’s plan to leave London and start a new life

Kate Middleton’s plan to leave London and start a new life

It seems Kate Middleton, Williiam and their kids are about to take the ‘big step’ of leaving London once and for all. Confirming the news, which has been circulating for some time, came Kate’s uncle Gary Goldsmith, who spoke clearly to The Sun about his niece’s and family’s transfer plans. From the man’s words it was clear that Kate has every intention of leaving Kensington Palace to move (probably by the summer) to Adelaide Cottage on the Windsor estate, owned by the Queen.

Obviously, London and Kensington Palace remain the London base of the royal couple and their children George, Charlotte and Louis, who on the other hand will also be forced to change schools because of this little revolution in their lives.

Kate Middleton, the words of Uncle Gary Goldsmith

According to Goldsmith the Cambridge are about to leave Kensington Palace and because of that, granddaughter Kate Middleton is facing a truly challenging time as a woman, wife and mother.

“William and Kate will be busy all summer, but in the meantime they’re handling transfers,” noted Kate’s uncle, “to get the kids into a new school. I think you are ready for the next chapter in your life. “

Uncle Gary said a lot too proud of his niece: “She is always brilliant in many ways: as a wife, mother, advisor, partner, ambassador and future queen. It never disappoints anyone. He excels in every situation, on every stage and behaves with class.”

“Kate,” Goldsmith continued, “she’s the one we all think of as a model. We are all super proud of them as a nation. The royal family is in safe, beautiful and heaven-sent hands.”

Kate and William leave London: the reasons for the move

Prince William and Kate, who recently snapped the holidays, are currently living in Apartment 1A at Kensington Palace, which is not only their home but also a tourist attraction that hosts hordes of onlookers and enthusiasts each year.

It is for this reason that the reason for her transfer to Windsor, at least according to veteran royal author Ingrid Seward, is it’s because of Kate’s need for freedom and his family. Especially after the Duchess was told she’s not even allowed on the castle grounds.

It was Seward who further confirmed William and Kate’s decision to True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat: “I think what William and Kate want for their children is the freedom they don’t have at Kensington Palace.”

Kensington Palace, on the other hand, can also be a prison. Harry himself, says Ingrid Seward, used exactly this term: “I remember that he told a friend of mine that Kate She was almost a prisoner in Kensington Palace, and I thought ‘don’t be ridiculous, this is the best place to live in London!’ Then I thought that in a sense they are really prisoners: they have a beautiful house and a beautiful garden, but in addition to this garden, there are hundreds of people every day and enormous security.

On the other hand, “times have changed,” commented Seward, who understood Kate’s escape plan without too much difficulty: “Catherine can’t walk in the park like Diana…”.