Kate Middleton has revealed her embarrassing secret: What they found in the bedroom    Archyde

Kate Middleton has revealed her embarrassing secret: What they found in the bedroom Archyde

Do you know where the Dukes of Cambridge live? They call it an “apartment,” which isn’t exactly the right term for their massive home.

Ever since Queen Elizabeth II announced she was leaving Buckinghan Palace, everyone has been obsessed with royalty. The Queen has even announced that she will soon be moving to Windsor Castle to live in nature away from London’s chaos. It has always been important for the Queen to reside in the heart of the capital, not only to receive the Prime Ministers but also to facilitate all the movements in which she has always taken part. The woman, on the other hand, is now 96 years old and often has her son Carlo or his nephew William replace the events and ceremonies. The woman, even after signing Covid, decided to move to Windsor Castle and the return to palace life seems to have weighed more than it did because of the Queen. William’s move will happen soon, but do you know where he lives with his wife Kate?

Kate Middleton admits that she chose furniture from a well-known Swedish brand to furnish her children’s room

The official residence of William and Kate is Kensington Palace. The mansion is in the heart of London, but thanks to the huge garden, it doesn’t lose that touch of green that evokes the countryside that Kate loves so much. In addition to the exterior, some rooms of the Dukes’ residence are known, such as the living room where the couple received Obama. The house has more than twenty rooms. It has not been common for men and women to sleep in separate bedrooms for years. William and Kate have opted for a ground floor room which allows them much more privacy while the children sleep in the upper quarters.

Kate Middleton spoke about the princes’ bedroom while visiting the National Architecture Museum. She says that she personally took care of the furnishing of the children’s room and that she chose the privileged furniture from a famous Swedish brand that is known for the resistance and durability of the furniture. Kate chose Ikea furniture for her children, and when Marcus Engman, head of the design department, told this detail, he said he was pleased that his brand was chosen not only by ordinary people, but also by royalty.

The dukes love their homeland very much. When they decided on the house they wanted to live in in 2011, the Queen had also suggested Princess Anne’s old residence. William, on the other hand, wanted to live in the house he grew up in and where he lived with his mother after his parents separated. In fact, a statue of Lady D.

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