Kate Bush: the most original artist of the eighties, forgotten and reborn with Stranger Things and the centennials

Kate Bush: the most original artist of the eighties, forgotten and reborn with Stranger Things and the centennials

Kate Bush the singer of the hit that Stranger Things

Perhaps the enigmatic singer Kate Bush would be a stranger today if her boyfriend Ricky Harper hadn’t introduced her to the Pink Floyd guitarist at the age of 14. Until they found him, other players in the record business didn’t give him a single answer. The musician named David Gilmour was blinded. As is happening today, with a generation of centenarians and millennials who had never heard his original songs, let alone his name, and now it’s one of his favorites. The running up that hill theme has been unstoppable on the music charts of various platforms ever since the Stranger Things series brought it back into vogue after 37 years.

“David Gilmour was exploring and came to see me. And he’s invested money so he can do a suitable demo, with arrangements and a choice of themes,” said the English artist in her early days on British television. She was a teenager when she signed with EMI. Catherine, with wide eyes and a sweet, slow and melodious voice, was not a girl who sang in front of the mirror. She had been writing her songs since she was 11, which was unusual for someone her age, and the record company was interested. Between 1973 and 1978 when he released his first album, The kick insideI had already written 120 songs.

Catherine Bush was born on July 30, 1958 in Bexleyheath, Kent. Her father, Robert, was a doctor and her mother, Hannah, was an Irish nurse who danced traditional dances from her country. Catherine was the only woman, the youngest of three children. His education was Catholic at St. Joseph’s Convent School, where he learned to play the violin and piano.

Kate Bush sings and dances in a video she directed the theme inspired by the tragic love story of Emily Brontë’s novel

She says her brothers John and Paddy were instrumental in getting her involved with music. In a BBC interview when he was 20, he said: “My brothers were musical. They were always making music when I was a kid.” And they ended up even bringing them together professionally because Ricky Harper was a friend of theirs.

It’s not very difficult to see that Kate – name she adopted with her artistic start – has chosen a career based on her personality, very unique and not following the trends of the time. He liked doing what he wanted and didn’t face many obstacles to achieve his goals. In the same BBC interview, she recalls the days of her youth when she dropped out of school and decided to become a dancer. “I thought it would complement the music very much, and I didn’t want to waste time doing anything.”

Before recording her first album, she not only received dance and singing lessons. Also spoil. “Lindsay Kemp is one of my heroes. He was my teacher for a while,” he explains. The audience left their questions over the phone, which the moderator of the show, Michael Aspel, gradually read out. It was all about her hair looking voluminous. what was done “I apply henna, it’s a great conditioner, and I braid it so it’s frizzy.” Her mouth gleamed with a hue of pearly lipstick that was very eighties-ish. She was a pioneer in everything.

Kate Bush in 1978, aged 20, when she began her music career (Photo by Chris Walter/WireImage)Kate Bush in 1978, aged 20, when she began her music career (Photo by Chris Walter/WireImage)

Looking back, the singer could see that her impetus as an artist came from doing what she had to do as if it were a mission. And he tried to express himself freely. I wasn’t after fame, money or success. He wanted to say something people would want to hear, and he put all his energy into that. With his first income, he set up a music studio in a room in his parents’ house to record his demos.

Chinese influences can be seen on The Kick Inside, both in the album cover and in the high pitch of her voice. Its genre was always unclassifiable back when music was split between punk and pop. Some are romantic ballads, others are more psychedelic rock or art rock. His free spirit, which he defended from the record companies, is also evident in his poetic, dreamlike video clips, which he staged and animated with his costumes and choreographies.

One of the songs that had the greatest success and distribution was Wuthering Heights (Wuthering Heights), which was included in this first album. She shot two videos: a version for the UK, dressed in white, almost spooky, and one for America, with a long red dress, excessive makeup (green eyeshadow, red-hot lips) and a bouquet of flowers on her head when that wasn’t enough.

The cover of his first album, The Kick Inside, with a lot of oriental styleThe cover of his first album, The Kick Inside, with a lot of oriental style

In this costume, she lifts her leg with some beginner dance moves and swings her arms forward like a zombie. Overall, the video is a unique composition, full of color and fantasy. The theme was number one in European music rankings for several weeks. The merit was not small: for the first time a woman stood on the podium with a letter she had written herself.

Despite the success, not everyone admitted that they liked Kate Bush’s music. It was something of a guilty pleasure. And still, over the years, there are those who credit her “crazy genius” in her well-watched YouTube videos. Comment those who started discovering it and those who have been “in love” with it for a long time. One user wrote that her mother asked her to make Wuthering Heights the theme of her funeral. Kate bridges generations on music platforms, which is rare.

You don’t just have to listen to his song to enjoy his unique talent Running up that hill (A deal with God) but to see his video with an almost hypnotic effect, which is repeated over and over again. It currently ranks 47th for music videos on YouTube. The theme was featured on the 1985 album Hounds of Love. Her atmosphere is wrapped in violet tones, she does contemporary dance with a dancer who lifts her up and twists her body around her torso. Difficult tricks performed by experienced dancers. The clothing, the wide trousers, also show influences from the East. The subject keeps ringing in my head. It’s stuck. But it doesn’t bother.

Running up tha hill peaked at number three in the UK in 1985. This year he has achieved something he had never achieved before. A very high position on the United States Billboard Hot 100. Number 4, while there were only 30 in the year of release. Unbelievable.

Kate Bush performs a difficult choreography with a dancer, always with her own style

His musical production went on hiatus, consistent with his lack of interest in fame and money. The singer-songwriter released a total of 10 albums. One day he decided to stop touring. He literally stepped off the stage and went on a huge 35-year hiatus. In 2014 he returned to London with a series of recitals. He is believed to have been traumatized by the accidental death of an illuminator while on tour.

Little is known about his private life as he did not usually give interviews. She protected her life from the press. On stage and in videos she was absolutely outgoing and ridiculous, in the media she was shy and very reserved.

Catherine had a long relationship with Del Palmer, a British bassist and engineer from the late 1970s to early 1990s. She later met her current husband, guitarist Danny McIntosh. They have a son named Albert who is also a musician. Its atmosphere is still musical.

Kate’s last work was Aerial, released in 2005 and produced by herself. And at the moment there is no news that he is thinking of doing anything new. Now, centenarians are discovering her voice, her once-experimental music, and an expression of freedom unknown to many. The Stranger Things series brought her back to that era without doing anything new.

Regarding the madness for his music that the series entailed, he said: “I never thought it would be something like this. It’s very exciting. But it’s pretty overwhelming, really. The whole world has gone mad“, he added. “Having all these young people hear and discover the song for the first time is very special,” he said.


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