Kate and Prince Georges birthday The princess breaks the rule

Kate and Prince George’s birthday: The princess breaks the rule and tradition. What did he do

Today, Saturday, July 22, there’s a party at Buckingham Palace: Prince George actually blew out 10 candles and the royal family posted on their profiles… Already a subscriber? Login here!





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Today, Saturday, July 22, a Buckingham Palace It’s party: the Prince Georgeactually, blew out 10 candles and this Royal family published a photo of the smiling heir to the throne on his official profiles. Just to capture the tender shot that was hugely successful on social media, Kate Middleton would have “broken” a family tradition that had been passed down for several years. Here’s what he did there Princess of Wales.

Kate and the unexpected step

When a member of a royal family celebrates a birthday, is the protagonist of an important event, or engages in an activity that puts them in the center of attention, they are usually immortalized by professional photographers who are precisely called to capture the important moment.
Kate Middleton had somehow revived this custom: the princess had always been an avid photographer and had always personally taken care of photographing her children as anyone would Mother proud. However, this special family “tradition” was broken right on the birthday of Prince George. Katein fact he would have asked the photographer Millie Pilkington to immortalize her baby so the shot was almost perfect. In fact, it is not the first time that the princess has asked the artist for help: not even for the birthday of Charlotte and Louis she had turned to Millie.

According to the English subjects, this is not negatively relevant Kate Middleton I didn’t take the photos personally, as the princess has proven on numerous occasions that she is one Mother attentive and caring to her three Children.

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