Kat Torres Leticia Maia and Desirre Freitas are being held

Kat Torres, Letícia Maia and Desirrê Freitas are being held in US prisons

The model and influencer are being held in Cumberland County, North Carolina Kat Torres, Letícia Maia from Minas and Desirrê Freitas from São Paulo. The trio’s name appears on the prison list in the US city of around 300,000 people, but the reason for the Brazilian woman’s arrest has not yet been confirmed by the report THE TIME.

The trio made headlines last month after Letícia’s family, who live in Perdões in southern Minas, took in a missing person report. This hypothesis even has already been expelled from the civil police.

The information about the arrest of the young women was also confirmed by Letícia’s mother. “The three are arrested, but we still don’t know why. I am very worried. The last contact we had was on October 14th when a conversation between me and Leticia was uncovered on social networks. I think it was Kate who published it,” said the girl’s mother. Letícia’s last post on social media was seven days ago.

The Cumberland prison website has been able to confirm that the three Brazilians were admitted to the unit at different times on Wednesday (2), but with a very small difference, with a 30 minute discrepancy between them. There is no release date, suggesting they are still in custody.

In recent days, Kat has even posted videos saying her husband freaked out and cut his neck and hands with a knife. She also said the man, who is American, would be admitted to a clinic but is now doing better.

Since these publications, the trio disappeared and some pages were removed from Instagram until this Thursday (3) the news of the Brazilian woman’s arrest appeared.

understand the case

Since the middle of the month, a confusing story has taken over the media and social networks. The controversy involves the families of two Brazilians who are accusing influencer, model and selfproclaimed witch and hypnotherapist Kat Torres of participating in a human trafficking program into prostitution in the United States.

However, last Friday (21), the young Dessirê Freitas, named as one of the victims, and the influencer used the Instagram account of Letícia Almeida, also named as one of the victims, to publish a series of videos, in who were told what really happened about the alleged disappearance of the young women.

At a certain point in the records, Kat says that all of this would happen because “Dessirê’s friends and Letícia’s parents made up that they were missing, that they were kidnapped”.

According to Dessirê, it all started when she stopped being friends with Patricia, blocked her on social media and moved on with her life. She also claims that she has always been followed “because she was blonde” and smart, which is why she decided to leave the social network Instagram. For Dessirê, this persecution caused by envy is “a Brazilian thing” and she could not take it anymore.

With the departure from Instagram, the exgirlfriend got worried and started looking for her, which started the story of the disappearance and all its consequences.

The following are the videos in which the duo take turns speaking into the camera. Sometimes all you can hear is Kat’s voice telling her friend what to say. They say that Patrícia’s husband, a Canadian police officer, used his access to find out where Desirrê was. “I wasn’t missing at all,” he yells.

A few minutes later, the posts (although they had already been published on other profiles) were deleted from Letícia’s profile.