Karoline Lima confesses to Gustavo Mioto in a podcast

Karoline says Militão disapproves of work and voiceovers in games

Éder Militão’s exwife Karoline Lima said today (2) in an interview with Pod Delas that the Real Madrid defender didn’t like her work as a YouTuber and even paid a fine for not making videos anymore. The player also disapproved of Karoline’s “narratives” in games for Real or the Brazil side.

“I was still in the contract. It was quite a blow to everyone because we had recently signed the contract. My ex, as he didn’t like me working with it and making videos, was willing to pay the fine for me stop working with it … He didn’t forbid me to do it, but I felt that it bothered me and I respected it,” said Karoline, mother of Cecília, three months old, the result of her relationship with Militao .

“Even the narratives he didn’t like, he said it was harmful. I think it was just the opposite. Modesty aside, I think a lot of people got to know him because of those jokes I played. It was fun and I loved doing it, that’s exactly what weighed my climate now,” added the influencer.

Separated a few months ago, Karoline and Militão faced each other in a legal battle over the pension of Cecília, the excouple’s daughter, who was born in July of this year. According to the influencer, they have reached an agreement.

In the interview, Karoline said again that she became pregnant because of Militão’s wish and even offered a caesarean section so that the player could accompany her daughter’s arrival.

“I am very deluded. In my eyes I had found the person of my life. I didn’t have much family structure. When I was a kid my father had a drinking problem and I already have abuse, disrespect and betrayal. Being a mother was never a dream of mine because I had trauma from everything I’ve lived. When I met my ex, he talked a lot about being a father. I thought, “A person who wants to be a father so much is going to give my child the experience I never had.” I accepted giving up the recordings, thinking it was for a good reason, for my family on the other side of the world without the same conversations as being single. A new phase,” he said.

“He traveled a lot for leisure and work. My daughter was due to be born on July 23. That was the day he would be traveling. I said, ‘I really wish you were with me when I have my daughter, a cesarean on the 10th .July, that was the day you asked me out.It’s just that I want to rebrand our history.” By then I was already being processed without knowing it. I wanted to give him this gift, because I thought he was going to stay okay. We broke up on the 6th, and I was still in it, it’ll work,” Karoline continued.

The influencer made it clear that she has no intention of becoming a mother again at the moment. “I’m very traumatized. For me it was not a good experience. I don’t blame motherhood itself. Maybe it would have been amazing if the surroundings were ok. I feel very guilty because I often wish I wasn’t pregnant because I felt rejected. I’m screwed, but my daughter can’t be. It’s not my plan today.