Karol Gs sister in a daring bikini shows off her

Karol G’s sister in a daring bikini shows off her body

Katherin Giraldo is a 28-year-old Colombian model, influencer and businesswoman who stands out for being one of the most beautiful women of the moment and who has managed to acquire a large number of followers lately. While her name might not sound famous to you, she is known as the sister of Carol G. Like La Bichota, she is responsible for showing off her incredible figure and defying the restrictions of the social network, as she did in one of her recent posts, wearing a tiny swimsuit that drew everyone’s attention.

Unlike her sister Catherine Giraldo She has dedicated her life to business and instead of music she is a professional makeup artist, stylist and also has her own coffee line called “Cerbatana Sabor Nuevo”, her lingerie brand “Haiku essential” and is a product ambassador for hair care and also from the city of Antioquia. She also defines herself as a model on her Instagram profile.

Katherin Giraldo is a prominent businesswoman. Source Instagram @katheringiraldo19

Catherine Giraldo He is 28 years old and three years younger than his sister Karol G where they share the same father but not the same mother. La Bichota gave happy news to her followers, where in the next few hours she will release her new album called “Mañana ser bonito” that includes the latest releases such as “Provenza”, “Cairo” or even “Gatúbela”. The news is eagerly awaited by his fans.

Karol G will release his next album. Source Instagram @karolg

Karol G’s sister’s tiny bikini

On the other hand, while Carol G prepares to conquer the musical plane again, Catherine Giraldo She fell in love with the world of social networks, where on her Instagram account, where she has more than 150,000 followers, she fell in love with everyone wearing a very tight bikini with which she showed off her curves and left everyone speechless made.

Catherine Giraldo. Source Instagram @katheringiraldo19

This is not the first time Catherine Giraldo shows off her curves and confirms that she is one of the prettiest of them all considering she has worn different swimsuits from her lingerie line from the pool or the beach. Also, she would apparently be single and more than one will try to win her heart.

Katherin Giraldo fell in love from the pool. Source Instagram @katheringiraldo19


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