Karol G stirs up with her movements, "On the ground"

Karol G stirs up with her movements, "On the ground"

Karol G stirs up with her movements,

Karol G excited with her movements “Hasta el piso” | Instagram

“Hasta el piso” is how the beautiful singer Karol G was seen in a great show in Guadalajara, but more than the capital of Guadalajara, she moved the world with her movements and her spectacular figure.

The famous Carol G She showed on stage as only she can, with a really revealing outfit that left her fans present and not shocked, but her dancing was the special touch to get everyone’s hearts beating.

The interpreter of La Tusa chose for the occasion a body in black with a large part of banners that left a lot of Nena de Medellín’s skin in front of everyone present.

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The garment in question drew even more attention because it had a really pronounced neckline at the bottom, leaving more than her hips and beautiful legs as the protagonists of each of the images.


Carol G She complemented her look with tall black boots, large silver earrings, very natural makeup and her signature very long blue hair that was completely straightened.

La Nena de Medellín brought all her style and energy to the stage, moving her hips and others while performing her hits and being accompanied by her dancers, the fans didn’t match the emotions in this place.

Carolina is currently on an international tour that was a smash hit with her “Sold Out,” and her followers have chronicled each of her performances and accomplishments.

The beautiful Karol G has not missed the opportunity to be grateful for all the support and affection of her followers and has decided to keep in constant communication with them through her social networks.

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