Karol G showed off the ‘boobies’ at Bad Bunny’s restaurant while sparking romance rumors

Karol G showed off the ‘boobies’ at Bad Bunny’s restaurant while sparking romance rumors

Karol G performed at the opening of his friend’s and fellow urban genre bad bunny’s restaurant in the city of Miamyeah La Bichota arrived wearing a corset shows the “boobies” through a hole in the middle of her chest and also made a triumphant entry into the place called “gecko” along with the interpreter of “titi asked me“. This has unleashed rumors and wishes about a possible celebrity romance.

Karol G and Bad Bunny are two of the strongest exponents of reggaeton at the moment. His tours have made millions of dollars and his concerts have had many talking for weeks. After changing her hair from blue to red, the bichota He went partying in a suit that showed his outstanding attributes like the “breastsfor the inauguration of one of the best Restaurants that the city of Miami will have from now onme where one of the owner is Bad Bunny along with David Grutmanan entrepreneur who already has several other businesses in Florida.

We’ve already seen Perrear bad rabbit with how much fanatical I dance. Not to mention, after his concert in The Coliseum of Puerto RicoShe was seen kissing a fan who was at the after party. Weeks earlier he told his girlfriend that gabriela berlingeri and he were best friends and that if she wanted to date someone, she could do the same with him. Of course after seeing When Karol G arrives at the restaurant, all sorts of rumors have started as it’s not common to see them together.

However, another good group of people claim so bad rabbit continues with Gabriela and that it was all a marketing strategy by the Puerto Rican. The truth is that even the Venezuelan journalist herself Caroline Sandoval leave a heart in one of the videos where you see Karol G and Bad Bunny together at the opening.

With reference to Carol Grecent romances hinted at his alleged relationship pheid. However, the singer also had several presentations in different parts of the world almost simultaneously Bichota Tour. Let’s remember that in September the begins strip love tours the Colombian so already on the agenda, it would not be so easy for them.

Videos have also been released showing this Karol G and Feid They’ve been friends for a while. After his separation from Anuel AA and especially after his marriage Yailin The Most Viral Whom the heart of the performer of “200 cups“. Everything indicates that she is still very focused on her career and upcoming projects.

For now, we’ll leave you the collaboration they did in 2017 Bad Bunny and Karol G, “Now Call Me”which has almost a billion views on YouTube.

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