Karol G Gets Cheeky And Sets The Networks On Fire

Karol G Gets Cheeky And Sets The Networks On Fire With ‘Spicy’ Photos

The famous and stunning singer Carolina Giraldo Navarro, better known in the music world as ‘Karol G’ has returned through the front door showing herself enjoying the summer heat and revealing her slim figure.

The 31-year-old composer from MedellĂ­n, Colombia, shared on her personal Instagram account the photo session in which she poses as a magazine model, detailing her beauty in a tight silver swimsuit.

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“What if you want to put the caption that I didn’t know what to write then?” he wrote.

After making those postcards viral, singer Karol G became the main attraction of her more than 54 million followers on Instagram, receiving countless compliments depicting versions of her beauty.

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