Karina slams Giovanna Ewbank’s stance when defending her children

Karina slams Giovanna Ewbank’s stance when defending her children

Karina Bacchi comments on Giovanna Ewbank’s attitude in the case of racism among her children

The actress Karina Bakchi returned to the spotlight as he commented on the posture Giovanna Ewbank in the unfortunate episode suffered by her children on a beach in Portugal at the end of July. At the time, a white Portuguese woman verbally attacked Titi, 9, and Bless, 7, at a local restaurant. Giovanna soon stepped out in defense of her children, responding to the attacker in the process Bruno Gagliasso called the police.

The sad situation soon resonated around the internet and so much Giovanna Ewbank and her husband used their official profiles on a social network to express their gratitude for the support of relatives, friends and fans. They explained: “We’re aware of all our privileges and we know (we really know) that we’ve had such an uproar just because we’re white. Now we have our children by our side with all the love we can give them so that they will come out strong from what they have seen and heard. We ask for respect for this moment, because what we heard hurts the soul,” they explained shortly after the event.

The topic came up again on the Positividade podcast, moderated by Karina Bacchi, with the participation of Cris Poli who became known in Brazil for directing the then show “Supernanny”. In the conversation Karina and Cris talked about teaching good decisions, examples of good ways.

The actress explained that there is a lot of relativism in the world. “There was a case of a mother whose children suffered from prejudice and things like that. She, to defend her children, she cursed that person a lot, spat, hit, and all in favor of that person. ‘Wow, what a cracker! She has done little. Because that’s what a mother lioness does, she must do it to defend her son. I agree that we need to defend our children, but I don’t think defense consists of spitting, cursing, hitting, attacking. And people think the person hasn’t done much yet,” he said, without naming names Giovanna Ewbank or Bruno Gagliasso.

“I think we have to defend our children, but what example are we setting in our reactions too? And the world applauds all this and finds it a maximum. That shocks me too,” explained Karina Bacchi. The actress and her guest both agreed that there are many aggravated reactions for them. Bacchi’s remarks soon triggered reactions. “It’s easy to talk when you’re not with your son. Easier even if you have a white kid with blue eyes,” explained one netizen.

Karina Bacchi comments on Giovanna Ewbank's attitude towards her children

Reproduction Instagram Karina Bacchi criticizes Giovanna Ewbank’s attitude towards defending children in Portugal

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