Karely Ruiz denounces the theft in her house they took

Karely Ruiz denounces the theft in her house, they took it

Like the rest of the world Kareley Ruiz welcomed 2023 with her best outfit. However, it seems something happened as he shared with his followers that he was something sad. He shared via his Instagram account that he didn’t fix himself well because he was in a “slump.” However, she always looked spectacular with her fitted dress with transparencies that revealed a little more.

Although he sometimes denounces that there are people who approach him out of interest, the story was different now. Through his stories, he informed his fans that he was a victim of a crime. Noting that it didn’t get any worse as she holds back a smile: “A wallet was stolen from my house yesterday haha. Hey pure rat lately,” wrote the influencer.

Apparently the fact didn’t matter that much to him Kareley Ruiz because in the stories that followed he devoted himself to question-and-answer dynamics to reach out to his audience. Of course, with pictures of her in the most daring outfits that have brought her so much success on her social networks.

Karely Ruiz denounced the theft of her wallet (Photo: Screenshot)

Karely Ruiz and her riskiest outfits

Nowadays, Kareley Ruiz She is one of the most popular women to emerge from social networks and although she came to television after Monterrey, Nuevo León, she owes her success to virtual platforms. In this case, his success was so brutal that it caught everyone’s attention Andrew Garciawho invited her to his warrior house to record a video together.

(Photo: IG @karelyruiz)

Since then he raised eyes from his own and strangers. She was approached by many YouTube channels to interview her and learn a little more about the 21-year-old (in 2022) who was driving almost all of Mexico crazy. He took advantage of this fame by broadcasting it only fanswhere he started to amass a fortune so he took his parents off work and started treating himself like the Corvette he bought a few weeks ago.

(Photo: IG @karelyruiz)

To maintain her success, she shares multiple images modeling outfits that border on censorship; However, they are the perfect advertisement to gain followers and then turn them into subscribers. They all pay just $16 a month, about 311 Mexican pesos at today’s exchange rate.


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