Kaká Diniz declares himself Simone after controversial interview with Simaria

Kaká Diniz declares himself Simone after controversial interview with Simaria

Shortly after the controversial interview published by the columnist Leo Dias with the singer Simaria, Kaká Diniz, Simone’s husband, spoke to his wife and children Henry and Zaya in a post on Instagram this Wednesday afternoon (15/6).

The businessman posted a photo with his children and his wife and wrote in the caption: “My heart in a single photo.” Responding to Kaká Diniz’s Instagram post, Simone also revealed her love for her husband: “I love you so much very, so much”.

Simone, Henry and KakaSimone, Henry and Kaka

Simone, Henry and Kaka Reproduction

Kaka Diniz and SimoneKaka Diniz and Simone

Kaka Diniz and SimoneReproduction/Instagram

zayafilhadesimonecomopaikakadinizzaya simone’s daughter with her father kaka diniz

Papa Kaka is holding the baby


Simone and Kaka have been married for 8 yearsreproduction

Kaka Diniz and familyKaka Diniz, Simone and Henry

Simone with her husband Kaká Diniz and their son HenryReproduction/Instagram

Simone and Kaka DinizSimone and Kaka Diniz

Simone and Kaka Diniz Reproduction

Simone and KakaSimone and Kaka

They are parents to two childrenPhoto: Playback/Instagram

Simone and KakaSimone and Kaka

The couple are parents to sixyearold HenryPhoto: Reproduction/Instagram

Simone and KakaSimone and Kaka

Simone and Kaka DinizPhoto: Reproduction/Instagram


The Leo Dias column is over this Wednesday morning metropolisesShe published an interview with Simaria in which she talks about the recent arguments she had with her sister. “Anything I’m going to do, Simone tells me to shut up,” she said of the fight the two played at Programa do Ratinho.

As for the differences between the sisters, Simaria guarantees that they are only on stage: “One wants excellence at work, and the other is fine. Let’s do it like this, I respect you and you respect me. You don’t like cleavage, I do. But backstage it’s amazing. Fraternity only. I live with my nephews.”


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