Kadyrov, Medvedev and the others: Putin’s “hawks” urging him to speed up the war

Kadyrov, Medvedev and the others: Putin’s “hawks” urging him to speed up the war

by Fabrizio Dragosei

Ex-President Medvedev: “Our hypersonic missiles are able to reach targets in Europe and the USA in a guaranteed way, much faster than any of their weapons”

One of the most ardent supporters of the hard fist against Kyiv and the West is still Dmitry Medvedev, who presented himself as a champion of democrats and reformers when he took office from Putin. Now that he seems to be counting less and less, he’s attempting to put himself at the forefront of the Falcon Patrol, which in recent weeks had begun to grumble about the supreme leader’s “hesitation.” Medvedev triumphantly said yesterday that the new territories would be defended with “every Russian weapon, including strategic nuclear weapons.” And about the possible retaliation, NATO said: “Our hypersonic missiles are guaranteed to reach targets in Europe and the United States much faster than any of their weapons,” he argued.

Alignments around the tsar have changed fundamentally in recent months, especially given the unexciting performance of the military special operations in Ukraine. Characters seen as warmongers or fierce supporters of the policy of hard confrontation with the West would instead have gone behind the scenes to convince the President not to exaggerate in order to keep the hottest heads in check. And next to Medvedev figures appear who until yesterday were secondary, but who are gaining prestige with their extremist positions, even more convinced of the chance to step on the gas pedal than Putin.

The latest news about the war in Ukraine, live

First and foremost Ramzan Kadyrov, Prince and Lord of Chechnya, who announced in the past few days that he had already carried out general mobilization in his republic and called on other governors to do the same. Without waiting for the decisions of the Ministry of Defense, which have been repeatedly postponed. The commander of Rosgwardia Viktor Solotov, former head of the presidential protection agents, seems equally determined. The Rosgvardia, a kind of national guard, consists of the former riot troops of the interior. These men are deeply involved in warfare and will assist in the recall of the three hundred thousand veterans needed immediately on the front lines.

Andrei Turchak, first vice-president of the Federation Council and, above all, number two of the United Russia party, is on the same line. He, too, hurried yesterday to agree to the measures taken: “They are timely and correspond to the goals of defending our fatherland, our sovereignty and our people.” Turchak then announced that many parliamentarians were ready to resign in order to run. Perhaps the most authoritative of the hawks is Vyacheslav Volodin, speaker of the Duma, who claims that Russian troops are already fighting not only “against the Nazi armed forces, but also against NATO.”

Instead, the heads of the intelligence services, Naryshkin and Bortnikov, the Secretary of the Security Council Patrushev (who is already thinking about the successor to the president), the governor of the Central Bank Nabiullina (who would have again proposed his resignation), the head of the government Mishustin.

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