Justine Mattera ready for the weekend Bike helmet heels but

Justine Mattera, ready for the weekend Bike, helmet, heels… but the bra? The photo without the veil DirettaNews.it

Justine Mattera is a beautiful 50 year old who is still very sassy and provocative in her look. See how it shows…

Less present on TV but very active on social media. His many fans will have to “settle in”. So to speak, because Justine Mattera always provides a lot of satisfaction, especially on Instagram. Like this recording that we propose today: it has literally depopulated!

Justine Mattera (web photo)Justine Mattera (web photo)

Made famous as Marilyn Monroe’s impersonator, the American diva has always had and still has great sensuality and wickedness. Qualities that in recent years he has shown above all on his very popular social networks, where he does not scorn even some daring photos. And once again, our Justine doesn’t contradict herself at all.

Marilyn Monroe is and remains an immortal myth. Movies are dedicated to her. It inspired songs and singers. He created a style with that glossy and teased blonde that still survives. Some of her scenes, like that of the dress being pulled up by a fan exhaust, are iconic. In short, although she has been dead for almost 60 years now, she is present in all of our lives. She was clearly inspired by her, especially in the early years. And it has been appealed for and recognized as such for a very long time. It is difficult to shake off the labels.

American Justine Mattera is one of them beautiful 50 year old who is still very cheeky and provocative in her look. In her youth she was a model and cubist in a Florentine nightclub and was noticed by DJ Joe T. Vannelli. So it was he who discovered her very young in Florence, where she went to study.

After moving to Milan, she meets the conductor and author Paolo Limiti who, after noticing her general resemblance to Marilyn Monroe, wants her to be the showgirl in the various editions of “See you on TV” from 1996 to 2003. Popularity comes into play precisely these years. And marriage too, because she was married to Paolo Limiti for two years. Today, however, Justine Mattera is married to Sicilian entrepreneur Francesco Cassata.

The nude photo in the kitchen

Justine Mattera therefore continues to be followed a lot on social media, although she has disappeared a little from the television scene in recent years. In fact, his last show was Traveling with Justine on Bike Channel in 2017. The theater career, which had also experienced a decisive acceleration, is still in the same year.

Justine Mattera (Instagram) 5/21/2022 direct messagesJustine Mattera (Instagram)

The comparison to the Monroe is perhaps a little too labelled. In 2006 he took part as a competitor on the reality show “La Fattoria”. Today, however, she is mainly active on social networks and inspires her fans there. Proof of this is one of the latest released recordings that we propose. And in a way his passion for cycling has to do with it…

“I’m going for a performance weekend and then to the triathlon on Sunday. Bike, helmet, heels, cleats, wetsuit, bikini, helmet, sunglasses, cycling glasses, goggles… .😱 I’m forgetting something…” writes. And indeed yes… Because the beautiful Justine doesn’t wear a bra…