Justin Trudeau rebuffs Hockey Canada management

Justin Trudeau rebuffs Hockey Canada management

(OTTAWA) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Hockey Canada’s management has lost the confidence of the federal government and Canadians.

Posted at 12:47 p.m


“As a politician, but especially as a parent, I know how important the organizations that offer activities, learning and team spirit are […] and inspiration for so many of our young people across the country needs Canadians and parents’ confidence in the culture they share with our young people. It is very clear that the government and Canadians have had a lack of confidence in Hockey Canada’s management for several months,” he said.

“The longer it takes to understand this fairly obvious and fundamental fact, the worse it will get for them,” the Prime Minister added. In addition, specific questions are asked as to why they do not understand that real change is needed. »

The Prime Minister’s statement follows the board’s statement released earlier this week in which its members supported President and CEO Scott Smith and his management team despite many calls for change.

Hockey Canada has been heavily criticized for its handling of sexual assault allegations involving players from the 2003 and 2018 junior national teams.

This is the second time Trudeau has discredited the national federation for its response to the allegations.

On July 21, in Nova Scotia, Trudeau said there needed to be a real wake-up call from Hockey Canada after reports the victim of the 2018 alleged abuse was granted an out-of-court settlement.