Just 31 Love Is Blind Season 2 Reunion Of Memes Wilder Than The Series

I lost my mind when Shake said he liked Vanessa.

The reunion episode of the second season of Love is Blind was a thousand times wilder than the show itself. Seriously, I still cry with laughter at the thought of everyone being so visibly upset every time Shake comes to speak. The episode was a complete mess: Natalie and Shane clearly had a lot to work out, and Shake told Vanessa that she was the only woman in the room he liked.

Luckily, we also saw all the girls promoting Deepti and we even found out that Kyle’s biggest regret is not proposing to her. We did NOT foresee this happening, and Shaina probably didn’t notice either thanks to her incessant squinting. Here are all the best memes and reactions to the reunion episode in Season 2 of Love Is Blind on Netflix.

1. “They all set his ass on fire”

2. I passed out when Shake said he liked Vanessa.

3. Gemini

4. He will never learn

5. Shake is crying inside, I just know it

6. Give them a raise

7. He is so dumb, but at the same time so funny

8. Sal’s beard will make me act up

9. The man was broken

10. It was better than the show itself.

11. Someone stop this person

12. Shaina will soon be registered blind

13. Just when I thought Kyle couldn’t get any sexier

14. Sala’s song is a bop, the end

15. We don’t have to agree with Shane, but here we are.

16. He was shocked to the core

17. I’m dead

18. The same, I really thought that they would not survive.

19. We must protect these women at all costs.

20. I love them all


22. These are icons of the end

23. I will need another series dedicated to these two.

24. I will not know peace until we know

25. Oooooooooo that killed me

26. Shake your head empty

27. This man looks like he’s already been through this.

28. Iyanna – icon

29. They all hate him, but I love him

30. We got robbed

31. She’s fine

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