Junior Lima Makes An Unexpected Outbreak With A Shocking Reveal

Junior Lima Makes An Unexpected Outbreak With A Shocking Reveal

Junior Lima issued a statement and clarified the situation to the public

The singer and producer Junior Lima, son of XororóHe used his social networks this Saturday afternoon (01) to vent and bring some truths to the public. Through Instagram Stories, the celebrity told on the eve of the elections in which he will vote.

“I’m voting for Culture, Democracy, Environment, Science and Education,” the artist began, adding red letters at the end of the post. “This year I see only one way to do that. We need to turn the page,” he added.

In addition, Júnior Lima published a post in which he reported that he was not a fanatical supporter of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), but fully agreed with the candidate’s actions.

“‘Lou, do you love Lula?’ “No”, I love SUS. i love the culture i love science i love freedom i love education i love minorities I love plurality. I love the secular state. i love democracy i love human rights I love gender freedom. I love the food on every plate. I love propoor public policies,” says the singer.


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As for his relationship with his father, Junior Lima revealed during a Father’s Day advertising campaign that Xororó is his big inspiration.

“He [pai] taught me what was most precious to him, what was special to him, namely music,” said the singer. Junior Lima assumed that music is the great bond between him and Xororó. “I owe him a lot. If we let him, we’ll just talk about it,” Sandy’s brother said, explaining to Big Daddy, “It’s supposed to reinforce the presence of a father in our lives. Being a father isn’t just bringing a child into the world, it’s putting all the love into a child’s life,” he said.

Junior Lima spoke about his relationship with Xororó (Photo: reproduction)Junior Lima spoke about his relationship with Xororó (Photo: reproduction)

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