Junior and Monica show the babys 1st birthday party at

Junior and Monica show the baby’s 1st birthday party at the mansion

Monica Benini reveals details of partying for her baby with JĂșnior Lima at the family villa

the house of Junior Lima and the digital influencer Monica Benini it will be celebrated! It turns out the famous couple is kicking off a month of celebrations. Today the artist’s son turns 5 years old! Little Otto was born on October 1, 2017 and is the couple’s eldest child. In addition to the firstborn, celebrities are also proud dads of Baby Lara.

Monica’s youngest and Junior is also about to complete its first year of life. The baby will be one year old next October 10th.
Otto won an early and surprise party last Friday (30). The big celebration was postponed due to bad weather, but this was not a stalemate so there would be no family celebration.

Monica said the firstborn was super happy with the surprise meal that brought the family together. According to her, the little boy said it was the best party. However, the mother emphasized that the celebration with her friends had already been postponed to another day.

For the baby, the party has been brought forward to this Saturday! The influencer justified the decision to move the date of the heiress’ party to her brother’s birthday. “For those who didn’t understand why we throw Lara’s party on Otto’s birthday because Otto’s birthday, Otto’s official party, was yesterday. It will only be in an open place, it will not be at home, and then we decided to move the date so the kids can enjoy it more,” he said.

Recently, the wife of Junior had already revealed some details of the decoration of the celebration. Videos shared showing the finished party showed how the items were arranged to create the atmosphere of Lara’s Enchanted Forest. The objects represent animals, fairies and mushrooms made of felt. To complement the decor, Monica chose a puma figurine.

“Since it’s a year old she still hasn’t decided so I chose it but her party theme is ‘Lara’s Enchanted Forest’ and the main character is a cougar. There? Because at the end of my pregnancy with Lara, when she was about to give birth, there was a jaguar here where we live. Then I spent most of her work thinking about whether the jaguar wasn’t showing up because I wanted to see that jaguar. And she didn’t show up, so I decided to invite her to Lara’s 1st birthday party.”

She also said that the original idea was to have the party just for the family in the middle of the forest. But with the unsettled weather, they adjusted the party on the mansion’s balcony.

Junior's wife, Monica, shows off her baby's 1st birthday party decorations

Reproduction Instagram Junior’s wife Monica shows off decorations for her baby Lara’s 1st birthday party

Monica shares details from her baby's party with Junior

Reproduction Instagram Junior’s wife, Monica, shows details of her baby’s 1st birthday party decorations

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