July weather recorded in some areas

July weather recorded in some areas?

Are the unusually high amounts of rain that fell in several Quebec cities in July historic? A meteorologist believes the final data could confirm this.

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In an interview on LCN, Gilles Brien addressed the bad weather that has rocked the province in recent weeks.

Tornadoes, torrential rain, smog: the month of July will not go down in history when it comes to good weather.

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“On the other hand, if you’re from Sherbrooke, Quebec or Montreal, it’s really historic […] You’re not far from having the wettest month of July of your life,” says the expert in an interview with Marie-Anne Lapierre.

Estrie was particularly hard hit by the torrential downpours, with rainfall well in excess of the monthly average.

“In Sherbrooke, for example, 269mm of rain has fallen month-to-date, exceeding the historical 226-230mm in 1992. Quebec and Montreal are the same.” There will be a little rain before the end of the month. “We still risk ending the month of July with truly historic volumes that we haven’t seen in decades,” he continued.

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However, warm, sunny weather is on the horizon just in time for the construction holidays.

“What we haven’t seen are periods of two or three consecutive days of good weather,” he adds.

Temperatures with humidity of 35 °C are expected in several areas in south-eastern Quebec from next Wednesday.

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