Juliette opens up about the game reveals health issues and

Juliette opens up about the game, reveals health issues and says she fears the cause: ‘I always had it when I was little’


Former BBB reported having a persistent cough in addition to fever

By Thais Fonseca

11/02/2022 11:37pm BRT

11/02/2022 11:37pm BRT

Pictures: Playback/Stories Official Instagram of the singer.Pictures: Playback/Stories Official Instagram of the singer.Thais Fonseca

Former BBB and singer Juliette Freire took to social media to tell her fans and followers about a health issue she was facing. This Wednesday (02), the reality 21st edition champion has been filming a series of videos on her official Instagram account’s stories to share what is going on and said she needs to see a doctor to avoid the possible to investigate the cause.

The famous reported that the night before he had a persistent cough in addition to a fever: “I went to the doctor. I’ve had a cough for a long time, it comes and goes and I haven’t called. But these days I spent a lot of time traveling, changing the weather, working a lot, I also went out. Then yesterday I had a fever and today I went to the hospital to investigate,” he said.

The singer shared that the doctor even suspects what might be happening to her: “The doctor thinks it’s asthma. It’s also a sinus infection,” he said, recalling an old chronic illness. “I always had asthma when I was little. It had stopped. But every now and then my breath gets a little wheeze. He passed all the treatments,” he reported, reassuring fans.

For her it is now a matter of investigating the current reason for her state of health: “There are two options that I hope I don’t have: the carpet in my room or my dogs. If it’s the dogs, you have to develop something (laughs) because I can’t stop sniffing them, even with a stick,” said the singer, who has always shown her love for animals on the stations.