Juliette and Boca Rosa have difficulty boarding an international flight

Juliette and Boca Rosa have difficulty boarding an international flight OFoxico

The chic perrengue is enough for everyone! The singer Julia and the businesswoman Bianca Andrade, found it difficult to board an international flight. However, they have already made a post confirming that they have bought new tickets and a day later than expected, this Monday January 2nd, they managed to board.

The destination is still unknown, but the winner of TV Globo’s “BBB 21” revealed the airline: AirPortugal. She complained that the company only warned that the flight would be canceled when the influencers were already at the airport.

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“Good morning, let’s try to leave today with the power of mercy, but we will probably sleep in another country, not where we wanted to. We will lose two travel days yesterday and today. Chic Perrengue runs over here, delays the flight again, they didn’t fix the plane, they tormented my licker… But look, when I get to the snow, I’ll eat that snow. God help,” he said.

Boca Rosa also released a spoiler about the location where “Snow broke LERIGOOOOU,” she said. Therefore, the place to visit must be close to Portugal and in the northern hemisphere where, unlike Brazil, it is winter at this time of the year.

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When they managed to resolve the situation, Juliette thanked her: “Okay, everything worked out. We bought a ticket from another company… And when things start like this, it’s because this is going to be the best trip of our lives, you don’t have any expectations, but everything is going to be wonderful”. Then the duo posted stories that were already on the plane and confirmed that everything went well.

Mortal Kombat New Year’s Eveas classified JuliaShe excelled in the fight literally between them Bianca Andrade and Gaby Prado. The two influencers and former reality show contestants fell out at a New Year’s Eve party in Maracaípe, Pernambuco, and the owner of makeup brand Boca Rosa responded to the allegations on Sunday, January 1 Gabi.

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In a video sequence, Fred’s exwife denied her allegations of humiliation Gabi and he said he would go to court. The businesswoman also gave her version, explaining what she thinks actually happened.

Cris’ mother stressed that “Your saint doesn’t match Gabi’s,” responding to a story in which Gabi says she was drunk and was just trying to help her. Bianca even denied that she downplayed the fact that Prado had participated in some reality shows.

“This is a lie, this story they made up that I humiliated someone who participated in reality. It is a lie. And that is a very big accusation. This person who invented it now has to answer in the right place, namely in court, ”said the makeup artist and businesswoman at first.

bianca assumed she was stressed and said she didn’t want any contact with Gabi. She also stated that she was not drunk, as defined by the influencer.

“I was standing in line for the bathroom talking to my friend and this person grabbed my arm. I looked at her and said to her, “Don’t touch me”. She knows why I don’t want to talk to her,” he said.

Then, bianca detailed that on his birthday, Gaby Prado started talking about a person she was in a relationship with and tagged them in the post. “I thought it was a bloody lack of respect. After that she deleted it, I got on with my life, I didn’t say anything more. I was fine, but I don’t want to talk.”

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Following the story, the businesswoman denied that there had been any aggression or humiliation. She assured that she returned to her friends and was followed by them Gabiwho started insulting her.

“At the time, I took a deep breath and said, ‘Take that woman off me now, I’m not going to fall on that dick,'” she said, adding that she left the party afterwards.

second biancaThe other day she felt heavy energy, but was supported by friends who joked about the situation, including Julia and Thaynara OG.

“I’m not going to continue this story here because I know that’s exactly what the person wants. I will sell my product because I am a feisty woman. I also came from below, I know very well where I come from. I don’t humiliate people like that. This story is not mine.”

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