Julie Snyder sends an arrow to TVA on her show – Showbizz.net

Julie Snyder sends an arrow to TVA on her show – Showbizz.net

Antoine Vézina and Tammy Verge sporadically write columns on improvisation at La Semaine des 4 Julie. Her interventions are always a bit confusing but hilarious.

This Thursday, Jonathan Roy started from scratch: “It’s so much fun. I know we don’t have the right to talk about this… thank god! punctual “.

Antoine Vézina falsely replies uneasily, “I think it’s forbidden,” to which Julie Snyder immediately replies, “Well, no! “.

She adds: “We have every right to talk about TVA shows! It doesn’t work the other way around! “.

” Damn! Impressive! “, Tammy Verge then replies. “Julie, I don’t think you need improv training, that line was perfect. And it was loaded! »

“Yes, many years! ‘ the moderator continues.

Another delicious little moment signed by the candor of Julie Snyder.

Almost two weeks since his show returned to the air after the holidays, we’ve already been treated to a few gems, including this one.

Note that the host was also candid in her interview with Jonathan Roy this Thursday, where she spoke to him about her open relationship, her bisexuality, and her use of ayahuasca. You can rewatch the show at noovo.ca.