Juliana Paes married for 18 years made a statement that

Juliana Paes, married for 18 years, made a statement that left Brazil with their jaws dropped: ‘There is no way’

Actress Juliana Paes, who has been married for 18 years, made a statement that shocked Brazil

Juliana Pas, undoubtedly one of the greatest actresses of Brazilian television, has been married for 18 years. The muse, who is at the peak of her beauty and living one of the best sentences of her life, surprised during a recent interview with a revelation no one expected.

Known for her memorable characters in Globo’s soap operas, Juliana Paes gave an interview to the PodDelas podcast and spoke about various topics, both in her professional and personal life. Among them, the muse spoke about her relationship with her husband.

First, the muse was asked by the moderators about her husband’s profession, Juliana Paes replied: “My husband is a manager of a football player, he works with it”.

Also during the interview, Juliana Paes shared how she met her beloved husband: “We met, I looked at him like that, right, at a gym where I worked out and I was like, ‘This boy with the red cap right’ and then I started investigating, and then my friends ‘I know it’s Dudu’, then I met him some time later in a place but he was with someone, he wasn’t alone…” , she said.

“I said, oh, I really didn’t want that (in a joking tone), and then, for a while longer, we met at the Rappa show, in Rio, and that was it, right, my friends had already beat him.” , he kind of knew…” reveals Juliana Paes.

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When asked if it happened on day one, the actress said yes, “It happened on day one… and we’ve been together since then.”

Juliana Paes (photo: Sergio Baia)Juliana Paes (photo: Sergio Baia)

flame burns

“What to do to ignite the flame of the relationship? ‘ Juliana Paes was asked, who at that moment made a statement that shocked Brazil.

“There is no flame that lasts… The flame pays off and lights up again… There is no way to keep the flame burning forever. The business of keeping the flame burning forever. It’s not about keeping the flame lit. I really don’t think so. relationship is the phase. It’s a flame phase and a pitch phase. It is,” said actress Juliana Paes.

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