Juliana Paes defends herself after being accused of firing a depressed employee

Juliana Paes defends herself after being accused of firing a depressed employee

Juliana Paes has defended herself against serious allegations from a former chef who accused the actress of firing her while she was depressed.

The complaint was made public in videos that Adriana das Graças posted on social media. Adriana regrets not having received support from the artist to continue the treatment. “You devote yourself to a family for 11 years, you see the children being born and if you get depressed, you attempt suicide and you go to a psychiatric hospital twice, you have to go to Caps [Centro de Atenção Psicossocial] to get free medicine because no one will help you. Thank you, Juliana,” Adriana said in the video.

According to Em Off columnist Fábia Oliveira, the former employee left the company in November last year after a falling out with a colleague who works as a nanny. On Saturday (30th), the cook said she received a call from Juliana after the video was published. The former employee says the actress would have claimed every time she helped her, including giving her a “cabin so she would have a place to live.”

In a press release, Juliana confirms Adriana’s termination, but says that the illness was not the reason for the exemployee’s termination.

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“The press office of actress Juliana Paes informs that the allegation made by Ms. Adriana das Graças is unfounded. The employee was actually fired last July. Juliana and her family have always been careful and respectful of the personal matters that Adriana went through during the term and this would never be the reason for the termination of the contract,” the statement said.

According to the actress’ team, “Juliana Adriana has worked for years to treat the disease, going beyond her obligations as an employer with both medical and financial help.” Case.”