Juliana Caetano whirls up red dental floss and provokes Assanhada

Juliana Caetano whirls up red dental floss and provokes: “Assanhada”

supporters of Jair Bolsonaro, who was defeated in this year’s elections by Lula, the singer and lead singer of Bonde do Forró, Juliana Caetano, is not ashamed to show off his healed body on social media. Known for several controversies, she popped a question to fans and appeared very comfortable with her back.

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Back then, the artist appeared in red, with a very thin and attractive piece that appreciated her butt even more beyond round and perky. “Hot or cold. What do you like love?” she asked in the caption of the warm publication.



Upon seeing the record, several admirers can’t help but surround it with warm praise. “Her beauty drew more attention than the landscape, she’s hectic,” joked one young man. “I’m wary of talking about her, but what a wonderful woman,” the second suitor pointed out. “A woman’s spectacle,” snapped the last person.

Check out Juliana Caetano’s official release:

Juliana Caetano and her videos

This is no secret to anyone Juliana Caetano sells exclusive videos on social networks and makes many adult men happy. to the website on Telinha, She’s already clarified and dropped some spoilers about what her fans might see with this more intimate footage.

“People can see me and the dancers changing in the dressing room, we can do that to have extra income because shows are canceled all the time, it’s unstable. We’re trying to survive somehow.”

“I didn’t expect to make adult content, but necessity makes thieves. Many people rely on my work. Nowadays there is a lot of censorship, a dictatorship on the internet, nobody can say anything, nobody can express themselves. I’ve also seen a lot of people praising it because no one else can play,” revealed the artist, who has more than 10 million followers.

During the conversation, the artist, who always poses in sensual moments, revealed the most daring proposal she has ever received. They said they wanted to buy their urine. “The most unusual thing I got was a man who wanted to buy my piss. There was another one even worse, one who asked to buy my sanitary napkin. But I didn’t sell either of them,” she admitted to the outlet.

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