Juju Salimeni makes a thong bikini disappear from her butt and causes a stir

Juju Salimeni makes a thong bikini disappear from her butt and causes a stir

Juju Salimeni raised the temperature of the internet by sharing a sequence of clicks from his trip to Miami in the United States. On her Instagram account, the fitness muse appeared in a summer piece in front of a paradise backdrop.

In the pictures the model appeared from the back in a colorful crop top and yellow thong bikini where her GG butt was very prominent. The famous also appeared with a cap and very stylish glasses. For the caption, Juju skimped a lot and just used a few emojis: “☀️🌊🍑,” she wrote.



“What a wonderful woman,” praised one follower. “Barbarism,” drooled one netizen. Stuck Instagram, wonderful,” joked one admirer.

Check out Juju Salimeni’s post on social media:

Remembered the time of panic on TV

Recently, Juju Salimeni recalled the difficulties she suffered while working on the television show Pânico na. While participating in the PodDelas podcast, the model said she faced some challenges while filming the materials.

Juju Salimeni gained national notoriety by working on the comedy show for five years and said that she was traumatized by various situations after working on Pânico. “It was crazy, both the disgusting things we ate, the places we played and the adventures of ‘the fear’… I wouldn’t do anything different today.”She began.

“Today I’m a bitch, I’m scared of everything. I think I have a trauma that I can’t do anything else. If you put me on a slide I’m afraid. Most of what I’ve done I can’t repeat,” she said.

Revealed your salary

While still on the podcast, Juju Salimeni opened up about the game and revealed that she was given symbolic value by recording the materials. The famous said that she earned two hundred reais for each shot.

“I’ve always made more on the internet than on TV, especially Panico, which was a token salary. We used to earn two hundred reais per shot, which was very little. That was a phase where we were really exploited,” she revealed.

Despite receiving a very low price for the recordings, Juju confessed that the program served as a showcase for securing other deals: “Nothing that happened at this stage would be allowed today, both in terms of joke connotations and that matter of work. We had no contract, no salary, nothing. It was dropped. It was a shop window She said.

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