Juan Reynoso reveals he spoke to Gareca and almost defined the starting XI against Mexico

Juan Reynoso reveals he spoke to Gareca and almost defined the starting XI against Mexico

Peruvian Team Summit between Reynoso and the Tigre

Juan Reynoso has little more than a month to face his first game as coach of the Peru national team and he is already planning that game. In a recent interview, the former soccer player shared some details about the friendly game he will host in the United States against Mexico.

The Bicolor’s DT announced that on his next call he will repeat several names of the last name of his predecessor, Ricardo Gareca.

“In a high percentage, the call is repeated. To make a fresh start, it must be said that all this has been done well and we should improve this, and we have created a new era. That’s the plan of the first conversation,” he told Radio Ovación.

Reynoso attended all League 1 matches to watch the players. Soon your call will be given. Photo: EFE

Starting team against Mexico

There is still more than a month until the friendly against Mexico (September 24), John Reynoso He explained that he already has an idea who will be the footballers who will start this meeting, although it will depend on them arriving in optimal conditions.

“I’ve already closed nine of the eleven, maybe eight. This friendly thing is complicated because of last minute trouble etc.; but from eight to nine they are set and from here to the friendly a lot will depend on the presence of the players,” he said.

Juan Reynoso has already spoken to Ricardo Gareca

On the other hand, the former university technician revealed that he had already had an initial conversation with Ricardo Gareca. Although he didn’t give details of what they discussed, “Cabezón” explained that they would meet again, but in person.

“Yes, I spoke to Ricardo Gareca (…). Surely we will talk and meet at the right time and I have no doubt that it will happen. He made good gestures with me: I appreciate and appreciate it,” he concluded.