Juan Reynoso: Prepared for the future

Juan Reynoso: Prepared for the future

Juan Reynoso Prepared for the future

Two weeks after his first appointment as coach of the Peru national team John Reynoso Speaking to La República, he shared how his first few weeks in the two-tone sweatshirt have gone and the work he has started ahead of September 24’s friendly against Mexico in the United States.

How were those first few weeks at the top of the national team?

— More excited because there is material, we have granted the tools of that federation and the environment to do a good job. Pleasantly surprised by what I found in Videna. We spoke to all the departments and areas about things to use in the selection, all wanting to collaborate, all providing the appropriate information, and that’s what came out of it that I love: feedback. That gives us a clearer picture of where to aim, but there are a few things we’re trying to banish.

What do you think of the reserve tournament and the minute bag?

– It works and enough, it would have to be reinvented somewhere or the bag of minutes, there aren’t that many. That there will be a year or two added or that same age group tournaments will start because remember one is U-20 and the other U-17 there comes a time when there is a gap of a year details, which are technical . If this is to remain so, perhaps target the under-18s left by the outdated average birth age. We have to continue to encourage the reserves so that they have competition, that our teams have a micro wheel from time to time because that would also mean that they can play international games so that if they make the leap to the major, not just with arrive in a game or two.

The U-23 have a friendly against Chile on August 31, but it is not known what the composition of the technical command is…

– It should not be me who names the coaching staff, but already a previous list. We’re even talking to some clubs from abroad so they can support us with a player, it’s not a FIFA date and that makes it kind of complicated, but through Juan Carlos that management is done. Hand in hand with what I have spoken about we want to have a constant choice, I know this is a different household, we will do it gradually so that in these invitations we have the ideal material at hand to compete.

Qualification begins in March. Will you be able to see the Peru you want in the first game?

— We won’t have the time we would like, but the rest of the teams will have the same problem. Maybe we’ll start with a “con” because I’ve just arrived, so spending almost a week in Los Angeles after the trip or short stay in Washington will be important. Friendly matches in March, June, the Copa America and a start in August or September would be ideal.

Will there be a “high” pick for some playoff games?

— I would call the base that is of height that of Melgar, those who play in Mexico. From there we would appeal to the hero ability of the players we have overseas, but we would also need to examine who are the ones responding. Unfortunately today with the new format it is very difficult to have these micro bikes in high altitude cities. The idea is to run some tests to make sure it doesn’t cost us as much as our competitors.

Does that mean you’re determined to get matches up?

— It’s being evaluated, let’s see what the format is like. If the dates are respected, we will see what advantage we can have in quotes. If you’re playing in extremely hot weather and then suddenly want to play at altitude with the same team, it’s not ideal. They play a lot of things that are difficult to predict today.

Reynoso leads the Peru national team with a view to the 2026 World Cup. Photo: FPF Play

What to expect is Raúl Ruidíaz subpoenaed?

– Most likely yes. He doesn’t need the environment or the press tomorrow to say he’s the first to be called because he knows his abilities. If there’s anything Raúl deserves, it’s his mental toughness and confidence. I know how he thinks, he knows how I think, I think he’s going to make a super important contribution and we can’t give ourselves the chance to drop a player at that level from the squad.

Bernardo Cuesta’s father spoke about the possible nationalization of the striker and the illusion of being led by Reynoso in the national team…

— There is tremendous affection for Berni’s family. We’ve known him since 2014 and he knows how much I value his quality as a person and as a goalscorer. Nothing is impossible in football. Bernardo won’t let me lie that I have nothing to do with the national team and in 2014 I told him and Omar Fernández: “You guys have to become naturalized Peruvians because if that’s the case you’re going to play for the national team”, but I told them like people trying to anticipate things. Last time I saw him he was playing a prank on him.

Melgar’s coach Pablo Lavallén sent him a message regarding the call.

– And Pablo is absolutely right, we would be wrong to call people from Melgar with the wear and tear they are already bringing, with the series of games to come because they have postponed games and such a long journey to boot . Well, if it were an official game, this part is non-negotiable for us, the choice is above.

When will your first squad list appear?

— Privately it will be September 2nd, but saying it privately is quite optimistic on our part. It will be released between 8 and 9, but it is very likely that by 2 p.m. or at 2 p.m. you will already know the announcement.

Ready for surprises?

— Few, there will be some. We will try to respect the project and bring them back together after what happened in the last game; It’s up to everyone to see each other again, to talk about things, there will be some that won’t be because we imagine they will be older in most qualifiers etc.

Ricardo Gareca is in Lima. Will they be featured here?

— The meeting will take place, it is not appropriate to say where, but it will take place.