Juan Osorio reacts to Laura Bozzo after criticizing his relationship

Juan Osorio reacts to Laura Bozzo after criticizing his relationship with his girlfriend because of the age difference

  • Juan Osorio and Eva Daniela announced their relationship in 2021.
  • Juan Osorio and Eva Daniela have been criticized on networks for the age difference between them.
  • Laura Bozzo criticized the relationship between Juan Osorio and Eva Daniela in the show “First Hand”.
  • In a press interview, Juan Osorio defended himself and reacted to Laura Bozzo.

The producer John Osorio He is very much in love with his girlfriend Eva Danielathe 27-year-old actress, with whom she formalized her relationship in 2021.

osrioShe, who is 38 years older than the young actress, has shown her love to Eva Daniela in a variety of ways and recently got Daniela’s D tattooed in her honor. The gesture caused a stir on networks, where the pair were harshly criticized by those who hated the age difference between them.

about the tattoo, Eva Daniela was asked by the press if she would get a tattoo in her honor John Osorio. When asked, the actress didn’t rule out getting one, but didn’t say she would, as she assured her parents don’t like tattoos and insisted she’d take them into account when making the decision.

Juan Osorio responded to Laura Bozzo for criticizing their relationship

It was with that statement that Laura Bozzowho was on Gustavo Adolfo Infante’s program “First Hand” spoke out against it Eva Daniela, She asserted that she didn’t understand how it was possible that her parents wouldn’t get her a tattoo, but if they were going for a walk with a much older man than her.

“This girl: ‘Oh, I don’t want to get a tattoo because what will my father say,’ but what does your father say, dear, that you are dating a man 40 years your senior? When a man is with a girl 40 years his junior, nothing happens, but when a woman is with a girl 20 years his junior, “ridiculous old woman, she keeps it up”. The 40-year-old man, which journalist interviewed him?mentioned the Peruvian.

Juan Osorio responded to Laura Bozzo for ranting against their relationship

What did Juan Osorio answer?

When asked by the press what he thought of the statements Laura Bozzo, John Osorio He did not remain silent and defended himself.

“I have a question, was your boyfriend the same age?The 65-year-old producer was commenting on Laura Bozzo, who was also related to younger men like her ex, Christian Zuárez, 24 years her senior.

John Osorio Y Eva Daniela They like to share their lives on their social networks.