Juan Gabriel would have hidden a LOVING relationship with his adopted son Luis Alberto Aguilera Jr

Juan Gabriel would have hidden a LOVING relationship with his adopted son Luis Alberto Aguilera Jr

Even after almost six years of his death, the so-called “Divo de Juárez” is still a topic of conversation, namely that one of his sons is on the run from justice. But this is not what attracted attention, but recently a person very close Juan Gabriel revealed that the artist would have hidden a love affair which he held with his foster son, Luis Alberto Aguilera Jr..

According to the statements of Alberto Gómez, a piscologist who said he was a close friend of John GabrielShe revealed in an interview for Gossip No Like that the “Divo de Juárez” never said goodbye Luis Alberto Aguilera Jr.. so the only one relationship which he held with his foster sonit was nothing more than loving so there would be hidden this through the supposed father-son relationship.

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Also the friend of John Gabriel pointed out that there are no legal documents that guarantee this Luis Alberto Aguilera Jr.. it really was his foster son. “I know a lot of people will be upset about this, but the truth has to come out little by little. Everyone knows that Jr. (Luis Alberto Aguilera) always referred to Juan Gabriel as his father, but he wasn’t.

But what made clear that the love affair what happened in between John Gabriel Y Luis Alberto Aguilera Jr. it is foster sonIt happened when the young man was already of legal age, but the “Divo de Juárez” should have done it anyway hidden to keep up appearances. Well, everyone thought the relationship they had was a father-son relationship, which has now been denied by this singer’s friend.

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“I met Luis Alberto when he entered the life of Juan Gabriel. Was 14 years old. I want to make it clear that when he came of age there was a relationship that was not that of father and son, but that of a couple”; With these statements he made it clear that he only wants to make known the truth about the foster son from John Gabriel, Luis Alberto Aguilera Jr.

For his part Luis Alberto Aguilera Jr. He is wanted by the court for violating his right to parole in 2016 after being accused of molesting an officer in 2012. So far it is known that they have not found the whereabouts of the adopted son John Gabrielso the news that he had been arrested went unheeded by Sheriff Ray Vaquera.