Jove, Tadeu and Zé Lucas compete for the Silver Saddle in Pantanal: Find Out Who Gets the Item

The dispute over the silver saddle of Velho Joventino (Irandhir) will still move the next chapters of “Pantanal”. In the plot, José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira) announced that one of the three children, José Lucas (Irandhir Santos), Tadeu (José Loreto), and Jove (Jesuíta Barbosa), will keep the property that belonged to their grandfather.

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In the first version of the soap opera shown by the extinct Manchete in the 1990s, the silver saddle only made it into the hands of the new owner in the last part of the story. “This saddle, the greatest rider I’ve ever known, will go to whoever beats the other two in a lane! This is carried out in a feast of saints or, who knows, in a cavalhada, as the ancients did,” said José Leôncio when announcing the dispute.

In the story, the three brothers had to compete for the relic in a horse race. But both Jove and José Lucas give up the saddle, which ends with Tadeu.

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